Yoga Therapy For Chronic Pain & Conditions- Level 2
Published 5/2023
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Continue to explore healing and balancing from within - letting go of chronic pain, conditions, and disease.

What you'll learn
Learning Lesson & Action Tasks to be completed via checklist
How to apply and integrate tools learned in Level 1
Continued practice applying current scientific research and ancient yoga to heal the body from chronic pain
What meditation is and how it supports overcoming chronic pain
Continued breath and fascia release practices
Ethical practice exploration and support - Ahimsa
Benefits and practice with mudras
Mindfulness explained and support practices
The meaning of interoception
Subsequent Chair, Pain Care, and Tensegrity practices
Over 3 hours of Yoga Therapy practices to experience the knowledge gained in practice
Journaling assignments and worksheets
Shadow work and limiting belief exploration
Over 3 hours of learning lessons and videos to educate
Support and community connection via private Facebook group
Weekly group coaching calls to connect with the instructor and ask questions
Additional Resources
The Yoga Therapy to Heal, Freedom Formula - Level 1
Desire and perseverance aptitude
In Level 2, practice exploring more of the 8 Limbed path, while maintaining an attitude of self-compassion and care. After completing Level 1 of this course, you have begun to build a strong foundation to continue exploring with ease, comfort, and hopefully pleasure!*In this level you will integrate education on mindfulness, meditation, mudras, and interoception during practice while addressing all layers of being. Implement these wonderful tools and techniques into your daily life, whether a short (2 min)*pranayama practice, or a longer 90 minute asana practice, YOU*CHOOSE*what suits you best in each moment. You will have the opportunity to begin exploring ethical practice through therapeutic yoga, shadow work and reframing beliefs, while using support that can cleanse and uplift your vibration to keep you on your desired path. Anatomy will be offered to support you in practicing releasing and hydrating your body, while cultivating space in your mind. Remember you have access to the community Facebook group and weekly group coaching calls to stay connected with other like-minded individuals who are going through the same program as you. This can be a incredible resource for you, so don't forget to introduce yourself, comment, and share your journey with others as you move through this course.
Section 1: Meditation - Dyana
Lecture 1 What is Meditation?
Lecture 2 Mudras
Lecture 3 Shadow Work
Section 2: Ahimsa - Non-violence
Lecture 4 Exploring Ahimsa
Lecture 5 Self-Care
Section 3: Space
Lecture 6 Holding Space
Lecture 7 Smudging, Mindfulness, & The Core 4
Section 4: Pranayama
Lecture 8 Learning Pratyahara & Pranayama
Lecture 9 The 6 Bodies
Students who continue to desire to learn yoga philosophy and ethical practice,Students who have completed Level 1 of the Yoga Therapy to Heal, Freedom Formula,Students on a journey of discovery looking to stay connected with their true purpose and wellbeing,Those looking for continued practice, guidance, and attraction to peace, happiness, and living a harmonious life,A continued desire to learn yoga philosophy and ethical practice

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