400 Methods Of Innovation That Work (Part 1 Of 20)
Published 5/2023
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Discover a set of innovation methods that you can use to come up with a new idea or improve your product or service.

What you'll learn
Learn about new ways of innovating a product.
Discover new opportunities.
Increase your creative mindset.
Find out how you can outsmart the competition.
No skills or experience needed as you will learn anything that is required.
SUMMARY:In the course, we will go through a substantial list of innovation methods and show successful examples to explain how a certain method is or has been used in reality. 20 categories will be explained in total, each with 20 modifiers. Every course tackles one category and consists of 20 parts.WHY*THESE*COURSEs:As I'm writing a book about the 20 x 20 Innovation Strategy Methodology, you have opened the largest collection of courses on Innovation online, created in 2023, and based on more than ten years of research on Innovation, academic textbooks, and real cases. Every course is explained in a PDF*document. No more downloading innovation posters, slideshows, or articles. This course provides concrete and proven approaches to innovation.WAY*OF*LEARNING:Every method will be elaborately explained and illustrated. Small assignments will be coupled to each method to ensure you understand every technique. Real examples will be used as well as new ideas to keep the course engaging.PROVEN*METHODS:Every technique that we will discuss have been successfully used by companies, for example, Nintendo, IKEA, and BMW. However, they are also part of academic research and literature. Some of the more famous academic sources include Blue Ocean Strategy, Business Model Innovation, and Ten Types of Innovation.WHY*THESE*PARTICULAR*METHODS:Perhaps it's better to think of them as 20 innovation categories that can all be used or modified in 20 different ways. I studied probably hundreds of techniques and found out that they could be grouped together into 20 categories. These categories are fairly broad topics and offer 20 types of modifications each. One category is technology for example, and one example of a modifier, is reduction. Therefore, there will be a total of 400 innovation methods discussed, although I prefer to call it The 20 x 20 Guide of Innovation.ABOUT*ME:I studied Innovation and Entrepreneurship at AMS in 2012 and received my MBA from The University of Cambridge in 2022. During my studies in 2012, together with two fellow students, I started my first company and received national nominations and awards.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Industry
Lecture 2 Shift
Lecture 3 Disregard
Lecture 4 Increment
Lecture 5 Disruption
Lecture 6 Reversal
Lecture 7 Acceleration
Lecture 8 Combination
Lecture 9 Separation
Lecture 10 Differentation
Lecture 11 Repurposing
Lecture 12 Simplification
Lecture 13 Complication
Lecture 14 Stretch
Lecture 15 Reduction
Lecture 16 Addition
Lecture 17 Fragmentation
Lecture 18 Association
Lecture 19 Rotation
Lecture 20 Repetition
Lecture 21 Singularity
Lecture 22 Replacement and Summary
Innovation Consultants,Business Consultants,Product Managers,Entrepreneurs

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