Pluralsight - Introduction to Azure DocumentDB
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This course teaches developers how to use DocumentDB - a fully managed and massively scalable NoSQL document database service that runs on Microsoft Azure. We start with a brief introduction to NoSQL and DocumentDB and then learn how to use the Azure portal to create a DocumentDB database account and add JSON documents to a database. You'll also learn how to use the DocumentDB migration tool to import documents from many different data sources.

Then you'll see how to use the rich SQL grammar to query for documents and how to program client applications using the REST API and the .NET and NodeJS SDK. Then learn about the DocumentDB server-side programming model that supports stored procedures, triggers, and user-defined functions in JavaScript, with full transactional consistency. We also explore additional topics, including custom index policies, attachments, tunable consistency, and partitioning.

Course Introduction
What Is a NoSQL Document Database?
Relational Store vs. Document Store
Enter DocumentDB
Rich Query with SQL
Client Development
Server-side Programming Model
Tunable Consistency
Elastic Scale
Module Summary

Getting Started with DocumentDB
Getting Started
Demo: Creating a DocumentDB Account, Database, and Collection
DocumentDB Resource Model
Understanding Collections
Adding Documents to a Collection
Demo: Creating Documents with the Azure Portal
DocumentDB Data Migration Tool
Demo: Preparing to Migrate Data from SQL Server
Demo: Importing Documents with the Data Migration Tool
Module Summary

Querying with DocumentDB
Querying Documents
Demo: Simple SQL Query
Demo: Scalar Expression Queries
Demo: Query Operators and Built-in Functions
Demo: Querying Documents in a Collection
Demo: More SQL Queries
Module Summary

Building DocumentDB Client Applications
Connecting to DocumentDB
Master Keys
Users, Permissions, and Resource Tokens
Programming with the REST API
Demo: Programming with the REST API
Programming with the .NET SDK
Demo: Getting Started with the .NET SDK
Demo: .NET SDK - Working with Collections
Demo: .NET SDK - Working with Documents
Demo: .NET SDK - Working with Users and Permissions
DocumentDB and JavaScript
Programming with the Node.js SDK
Demo: Getting Started with the Node.js SDK
Demo: Using Promises with the Node.js SDK
JavaScript SDK
Module Summary

Programming the DocumentDB Server
Server-side Programming Model
Creating Stored Procedures
Demo: Simple Stored Procedure
Demo: More Stored Procedures
Demo: Bulk Insert Stored Procedure
Demo: Select Count Stored Procedure
Demo: Bulk Delete Stored Procedure
Creating Triggers
Demo: Working with Pre-triggers
Demo: Working with Post-triggers
Creating User-defined Functions
Demo: Working with User-defined-functions
Module Summary

Additional Topics
ID-based Routing
Demo: ID-based Routing
Custom Indexing
Demo: Custom Indexing
Demo: Attachments
Tunable Consistency
Partitioning Large Datasets
Spillover Partitioning
Range Partitioning
Lookup Partitioning
Demo: Range Partitioning
Next Steps
Module Summary