Pluralsight - Automating UI Tests for WPF Applications
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Automating UI tests for WPF applications is not an easy task, especially if you have a large project with reach functionality. Nevertheless, it is possible to create a set of simple and maintainable UI tests which can become a great supplement for your development process. In this course, we will walk through the process of creating a full-fledged automated UI test suite. Along the way, we will use simple yet telling WPF applications with functionality close to that of real-world enterprise applications.

Getting Started
Getting Started
Who This Course Is For
Test Pyramid
Types of Manual Testing
What Automated UI Testing Gives Us
When to Invest in Automated UI Tests
Who Should Write Automated UI Tests?
Test Application Demo Preview
Test Application Demo

Choosing an Automation Framework
Automation Frameworks at First Glance
Comparison Overview
Demo: Getting Started with Coded UI
White's Architecture
Demo: Getting Started with White
Comparing the Ease of Getting Started
Performance Demo
Performance Demo Results
Generated vs. Handwritten Tests
Object Model Comparison
Maintainability Comparison
Comparison Results

Building a Domain-specific Framework
Why We Should Build a Domain-specific Framework
The Architecture of the Domain-specific Framework
Starting with Basic Smoke Test
Introducing Window Objects
Refactoring Window Objects
Refactoring Window Objects: Recap
WPF Controls Lifetime
Refactoring the Second Smoke Test
Introducing a Base Test Class
Working with Grids
Adding an Employee Smoke Test

Extending the Domain-specific Framework with Workflows
Moving Towards the Business Rules
Adding a First Project Test
Using Coded UI Test Builder to Determine Search Criteria
When to Reuse the Window Object Classes
Organizing Tests in the Solution
Automated UI Tests and Branching
Creating the Remaining Project Tests
Introducing Workflows
The First Employee Test
When to Use Workflows
The Second Employee Test
A Dashboard Test
Running the Tests Together

Creating Acceptance Tests Using SpecFlow
Acceptance Tests vs. UI Tests
Why Create Automated Acceptance Tests
When to Create Automated Acceptance Tests
Our New Architecture
Introducing SpecFlow and Gherkin
Getting Started with SpecFlow
Department Feature
Don't Program Against the Scenario Steps!
Projects Feature
Project Promotion Feature
Assigning an Employee a Project
Dashboard Feature

Course Summary