Negotiation Skills: Effective Tactics for Engaging Others
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Evaluate and Implement a variety of tactics used in a negotiation setting. Leadership Skills for PMP.

Productive negotiation involves the flawless execution of a well-established strategy. This online negotiation course develops the essential skills to guarantee that we can think both strategically and tactically at the bargaining table and master the techniques and tactics that will influence our failure or success.

This online negotiation course offers a guided framework for dealing with any type of negotiation. Therefore, the instructor will guide you through the process of negotiating to secure your execution strategy and attain your target.

How a negotiation begins can significantly influence the closing negotiation stage. Hence, this course ensures that we can decide how to set the initial tone for our negotiations, whether we should make the first move, decide how to present our proposals, and set up our negotiation style. Therefore, we equip you with the right tools to guarantee that your ego does not impair your ability to gain your desired outcome. We explore strategies and tactics for engaging the other party to ensure that we realize their position, deduce additional information from them, and present our logical position more effectively. We focus during this course on developing an increased capacity to listen, ask proactive questions in order to move forward with our established agenda, and make the suitable arguments to reach our objectives.

Finally, we study the bluffing tactic so we can decide when it is an appropriate strategy to use in different possible situations. The strategic use of the emotional expression is explored as a potentially advantageous tactic. In conclusion, efficient closing techniques help ensure that we can end up with a negotiated agreement that meets all our objectives.

Course Objective

Assess the potency of different tactics types during the set-up of the negotiation.
Apply different tactics strategies for starting, on-going, and finalizing negotiations.
Distinguish the strengths and weaknesses of your negotiating style and examine their possible impact on outcomes.

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