Product Name:Laboratory Ultrasonic Mixer
Product Description:
Laboratory Ultrasonic Mixer

In today's scientific research field, the functionality and efficiency of laboratory equipment are crucial for the impact on experimental results. Small laboratory ultrasonic mixing equipment, as an advanced laboratory tool, is gradually being favored by researchers due to its unique mixing method and high efficiency; Small laboratory ultrasonic mixing equipment utilizes the vibration energy of ultrasound to mix, disperse, or emulsify various liquids and solid materials. Compared to traditional mixing methods such as mechanical stirring and magnetic stirring, ultrasonic mixing has faster mixing speed and higher uniformity. Meanwhile, due to its non-contact nature, it can effectively avoid contamination and damage to materials.

Working principle of Laboratory Ultrasonic Mixer

Ultrasonic mixing equipment mainly converts high-frequency electrical signals into mechanical vibrations through transducers. This vibration generates tiny bubbles in the liquid, which rapidly expand and contract under the action of ultrasound, producing a violent stirring effect. In addition, the vibration of ultrasound can also rearrange the particles or molecules inside the material, thereby achieving more efficient mixing.

Equipment characteristics of Laboratory Ultrasonic Mixer
Efficient and uniform: The strong vibration energy of ultrasound can quickly and uniformly mix various materials, greatly reducing the mixing time.
Easy to operate: The device has a compact structure and is easy to operate. Simply place the container into the device and set appropriate parameters.
Widely applicable: It can be used for mixing various types of liquid and solid materials, and can even be safely used for certain biological samples and chemical reagents.
Non polluting: Due to its non-contact mixing, it effectively avoids material contamination and cross contamination.
Good repeatability: Due to the high uniformity of ultrasonic mixing, the results of each experiment have good repeatability.
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