Product Name:Ultrasonic System Vibrating Screen
Product Description:
The power supply of the ultrasonic vibrating screen is the technical core of the ultrasonic system vibrating screen, which plays a vital role in solving the blockage of the mesh of the screen, so that the particles that can be screened by the vibrating screen are finer, the screening efficiency is higher, and the application range is wider.

Daily maintenance of ultrasonic system vibrating screen

In order to ensure that the screening equipment of the ultrasonic vibrating screen is in good technical condition at any time, reduce the downtime, improve the integrity and utilization rate of the machinery, reduce the wear of the machinery, extend the service life of the machinery, reduce the operation and maintenance costs of the machinery, ensure safe production, and strengthen the maintenance work is very necessary.
(1) Overhaul once a year, replace the lining plate and trim the two screen surfaces. The vibration motor shall be disassembled for inspection, and the motor bearing shall be replaced. If the bearing is damaged, it shall be replaced.
(2) Each shift shall check the pressing device of the screen, and if it is loose, it shall be pressed; Check whether the connection of the feed box is loose. If the gap becomes large, it will cause collision and break the equipment; Check the support device of the screen body and observe whether the hollow rubber pad has obvious deformation or degumming. When the rubber pad is damaged or excessively flattened, replace two hollow rubber pads at the same time.
(3) The screen grid should be taken out frequently, and the screen surface should be regularly checked for damage or unevenness, and the screen hole should be blocked; Check the sealing strip frequently and replace it in time if it is worn or defective.
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