Product Name:Sodium Hydroxide Grass
Product Description:
Sodium Hydroxide Grass,Caustic Soda Flakes
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Company Description
Address:ShandongShandongZiboLinziBlock B, Qidu International, No. 698 Linzi Avenue, Linzi District, Zibo City, Shandong Province
Descption:VG international trade (Shandong) Co., LTD., established to provide chemicals and raw materials from China more than 10 years ago, with the growth of the company's size and capacity, we began to explore applications in other fields, such as caustic soda, sodium carbonate, aniline, tert-Butanol(TBA), Dichloromethane(DCM), THMs and other chemical substances^We have also made great progress in solar cells and panels, commercial kitchenware, and building materials.Through exclusive agency and establishment of our factory, we have benefited greatly from the expansion and diversification of our business.VG international trade (Shandong) Co., LTD., is located in east China's Shandong province, 200 kilometers away from Qingdao port, with independent storage, research and development, transportation, sales network and professional after-sales service team.We not only provide our own factory products, but also act as the exclusive representative of Chinese excellent manufacturers, so we can offer a wide range of products.With advanced production technology and stable product quality, the company has been recognized by customers from many countries.We sincerely welcome people from all walks of life to consult, negotiate and cooperate for mutual benefit.We have been supplying qualified products to many international companies in America, Europe and Asia.We believe that the key to overall development is the quality control system.Our quality policy is: to provide qualified, reliable and satisfactory products with advanced equipment, high-quality staff and modern management.From the purchase of raw materials, to the production of the production line, and finally to the delivery of the final products, we have a strict quality system, to ensure the stability of the final product quality, for the end user won a good reputation.Welcome to the factory for inspection.
Registered Capital:5000000
Contact:Yang Li
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