Workspaces 1.3 MacOSX

Workspaces 1.3 MacOSX | 8.47 MB

Workspaces is an app that remembers your project resources, so you can quickly open them. Just drop files, folders, websites, applications and important e-mails into the application, then select the ones you wish to automatically launch.

You can then run all the selected items at once by clicking the START button, instantly recreating your working environment. You can also access individual resources using the Workspaces icon in the menu bar.
Using Workspaces you can forget where all your stuff is. All the important resources are always ready to start working with.
Application remembers resources even if they location on disk will change
User interface improvements
Every workspaces and resource has now its unique path which can launch it
Fixed umlauts handling in links
Editor columns can change their size
Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later 64-bit