Wonderware InduSoft Web Studio 8.0 patch 3 | 1.0 Gb
InduSoft, a leading-edge HMI software technology provider, has released update of Web Studio 8.0 is a powerful collection of automation tools that provide all the automation building blocks to develop HMIs, SCADA systems and embedded instrumentation solutions.

InduSoft Web Studio v8.0 adds a new runtime, called IoTView, compatible with operating systems Linux and VxWorks. Allied to the current runtime editions, such as InduSoft Web Studio, EmbeddedView, and CEView-IoTView provides even more scalability to design solutions with InduSoft Web Studio for deployment on any platform. As the number of Internet-connected devices in the world increases, InduSoft Web Studio is ready to connect these devices with the portability and small footprint to deploy on any platform, and the same user-friendly development environment.

The feature to open multiple screens simultaneously (Multiple Document Interfaces) on the Studio Mobile Access (SMA) Thin Client solution has also been released. Multiple screens (screen groups, pop-ups, dialogs, etc.) can be opened on thin client stations running any HTML5-compatible web browser. Not only is this an important feature for new applications, it also allows visualization of multiple screens from existing applications on SMA Thin Clients, with no additional screen creation needed.

Additional enhancements include performance and functionality improvements for the Collaboration Server add-on, which offers unparalleled revision control and application lifecycle management.

The InduSoft Web Studio 8.0 release is a natural evolution of the product's life-cycle. With an agile method of development, InduSoft has released minor enhancements on a continuous basis, and v8.0 is the consolidation of all minor/major enhancements since the release of the previous version 7.0. This is the starting point for upcoming enhancements.

Wonderware InduSoft Web Studio v8.0 + Patch 3 (Tuesday, April 26, 2016)

13941 Issue Resolved issue when using the Import Wizard to import XML Screen Files, and selecting multiple files, not all the screens were being created.
13934 Issue Resolved issue with the Tag Integration feature for RSLogix 5000 when there were tag names including some specific Keywords
13838 Issue Modified the way dialog windows are handled when they are being called from scripts that are closing screens.
13750 Issue Resolves an issue when using Store and Forward and it is not deleting rows from secondary database.
13747 Issue Resolved issue with the "Advanced" settings window on the Database/ERP not opening
13719 Issue Resolves a problem when using font that has spaces in it name.
13581 Issue Resolved issue with Screens created using the built-in ImportXML function not executing Scripts until they are opened on the Dev environment and saved
13579 Issue Modified the Virtual Keyboard configuration files (VKFR.ini, VKJP.ini and VKCN.ini) to make sure that the SPACE key from the Virtual Keyboard (Alphanumeric) works properly in any language.
13493 Issue Resolved issue with the Grid Object not using the specified column width when opening the screen for the first time, when the Data Type was Set to Class Tag, the Labels were configured but the Members were not.
13378 Issue Resolved issue with the Tag Integration with RSLogix5000 feature where Tags configured on the L5K file as Alias, having a description that included parenthesis, would not work properly when browsing for tags using the Object Finder window.
13258 Issue Resolved issue where the Object Properties window would open empty for Linked Symbols the first time that a screen was open having the Collaboration Tool enabled.
13169 Issue Resolved issue with the Virtual Keyboard not hiding the typed values even if the objects and Keypad function are being called with the "Password" parameter enabled, when the Program->Settings->Viewer->Virtual Keyboard "Enable Multi-line Input" option was checked
13090 Issue Resolved issue with the Text object, when having the "Text Data Link" enabled, the "Disable" field was not working properly in certain specific situations
13089 Issue Modified SMA Thin Client to make sure that the Linked pictures are properly displayed even when the dynamic path included backslash characters.
13035 Issue Changed the way that the DLLs are loaded on Windows CE runtimes (CEView) to allow a better memory management mainly when screens have images
13033 Issue Resolved issue on the TCP/IP Client of the ISSymbol control that was causing instability when trying process the Grid Control object
12975 Issue Modified the Mobile Access to properly handle Tag Integration tags containing arrays
12874 Issue Resolved issue that was causing errors while loading Batch files on the Trend Control object.
12872 Issue Resolved issue with the built-in function RunGlobalProcedureAsync that was causing leak of memory on Windows Embedded Compact (WinCE)
12850 Issue Modified the Mobile Access to properly handle local indirect tags
12849 Issue Resolved issue with the TCP/IP Client Tasks not working properly if the password from the user configured for the authentication contains upper case letters.
12848 Issue Resolved issue with the Web Thin Client not working properly on the Internet Explorer of Windows Embedded Compact 7 (WEC7)
12821 Issue Resolved issue with Thin Client (Web and Secure Viewer) not being able to write to Server Tags in case of the the connection with the Server being lost and then re-stablished.
12646 Issue Resolved issue with the Security System in Distributed Client Mode not connecting to the Distributed Server if this client was using the Data Protection feature.
12589 Issue Resolved issue with the PanelMate Import Wizard not working properly if the project was set to use the screen extension .SCC
12588 Issue Resolved issue with the "Windows Date and Time" control being open behind the Viewer module when launched using the WinExec built-in function
12586 Issue Resolved issue that the "Support Information" window was not displaying license information when the protection mode used WiBu hardkeys.
12529 Issue Resolved issue with the Startup tasks not working properly when the product localization was set to a language other than English and the computer tried to start up the runtime upon is system restart.
12393 Issue Fixed IoTView memory issue that would cause bus error on some Linux devices when the program is executed multiple times.
11849 Issue Resolved issue with warning messages being displayed repeatedly when stopping a project remotely using the Remote Management tools, and the logged user on the runtime did not have the privileges to close the runtime
14004 Change Request Modified the Image Path handling for Buttons and Smart Messages to work better with relative paths on Web Thin Clients and Secure Viewer Thin Client
13754 Change Request Updated the Recipe.xls file
13732 Change Request Removed the "Keep user files" check box on the "Remote Management" window
13714 Change Request Modify the Mobile Access to have the same behavior as the Secure Viewer when displaying float point variables.
13425 Change Request Modified the Alarm Control Object, when in history mode, to perform queries after the Date changes and properly updating the displayed alarms
13259 Change Request Modified the Alarm/Event Control object to properly show the Event Type on the "Type" column
13243 Change Request Resolved issue with the ShowInplaceInput built-in function not working on Windows Embedded Compact platforms when the Virtual keyboard option is enabled
13236 Change Request Removed invalid Target System options "Local Interface Lite" and "Standard Lite" from the development environment (Project > Target System).
13168 Change Request Modified the way the "Retentive Values" option works on Embedded Runtimes.
13027 Change Request Added support to additional file formats for the screen Background Picture property (BMP, JPG, JPEG, PNG) for Windows Embedded Compact runtimes (CEView)
12983 Change Request Improved the Zooming operations on the Trend Control objet when using Multi-touch
12928 Change Request Modify Mobile Access to support a data input window for input objects. Modify Mobile Access to validate the data input based in both the tag type and the parameters passed through the KeyPad function. Modify Mobile Access to open the native virtual keyboard when it is enabled in the operational system.
11763 Change Request Resolved Localization issues with the recently implemented dialog windows.
13612 Requirement Implemented a new capability to programmatically define which tags will be pre-loaded by the Run-Time.
13142 Requirement Modified the product Command animation to include an extra protection for the OnLButtonUp and OnLButtonDown events
12935 Requirement Implemented a new Tag Integration solution for the Siemens TIA Portal, which supports Siemens S7-1500 PLCs.
12418 Requirement Enhanced the Background Picture screen property to support additional file formats on Embedded Runtime Editions (CEView, EmbeddedView): BMP (previously supported), JPG, JPEG, PNG and PCX)

About InduSoft Inc.

Founded in 1997, InduSoft offers a powerful HMI SCADA software for developing Windows-based applications in industrial automation, instrumentation and embedded systems

In 2013, InduSoft became an Invensys company. Together, Invensys and InduSoft are able to offer the largest range of industrial automation software products on the market. From HMI and embedded software to high-end SCADA and ERP and MES integration, Invensys provides everything necessary to build robust applications for the automation industry.

Name: Wonderware InduSoft Web Studio
Version: (patch 3)
Interface: multilanguage
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7even / 8 / 8.1
Size: 1.0 Gb

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