Description: VeryPDF DWG to Vector Converter is a Windows-based application designed to provide users an easy and convenient way to convert AutoCAD files such as DWG files and DXF files, to PDF or vector image files in the formats like WMF, SWF, EMF, PS, SVG, EPS, XPS, HPGL, and PCL.

Key Features:

  • Support various output formats

DWG to Vector Converter can convert CAD files to vector files of WMF, SWF, EMF, PS, SVG, EPS, XPS, HPGL, and PCL. It also support export CAD files to PDF files. With this application, you can easily save your CAD files in multiple file formats.

  • Set color mode and page property

DWG to Vector Converter supports color and black-and-white color modes to save output vector files. It also can set page width and height in the unit of point. You may also set the print resolution in DPI for created vector images.

  • No need for other CAD software

DWG to Vector Converter is independent of any CAD application, and you may convert your CAD files without installing any CAD application.

Release Name: verypdf-dwg-to-vector-converter-v2-0-p2p
Size: 13 MB