Vectorworks 2020 SP1 | 2.5 Gb
Global design and BIM software provider Vectorworks, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of Vectorworks 2020 SP1. This update brings improved software performance, quality enhancements and bug fixes that improve the 2020 release.

VB-122067 IFC: Significant variability in speed of export
VB-124836 Tessellation time highly depends on current view, zoom and rendering mode
VB-147052 Automatically Rotate 2D to Focus Point Doesn't Rotate 2D Fills
VB-150450 Slow Export IFC
VB-151028 OIP Copy/Paste Not Work While Editing Symbols
VB-152518 Generate 2D from 3D Component Fails to Create Filled Shape for Circular Extrudes
VB-154715 Video Screen tool doesn't allow custom values for Projector Wattage
VB-154958 Visibility issue with classes within groups withing lighting devices.
VB-155046 Undo problem with IFC command IFC Zones
VB-156714 Nearly 1 hour to export IFC model
VB-156937 IFC worksheet =IFC.Classification.Item Reference not bidirectional
VB-157347 Wrong Textposition if Dimension has SIA-Standard and Superscript Numbers
VB-158205 Wall End Caps missing in Export IFC
VB-158834 Space: Square Meter Exponent display issue
VB-159767 Problem with VWGroupObj::IsGroupLikeObject( hGroup )
VB-160534 Hanging Angle doesn't update after setting a new value
VB-160731 Undo problem when you exit edit seating mode
VB-160755 Fields disabled in the OIP of the Seating section when using Styles
VB-160871 Autoconnecting hinges does not always connect in the appropriate way when they have male/female connectors
VB-160880 Update referenced file causes crash
VB-160930 Adjust Boundary with Angle checkbox is checked but actually is not
VB-160948 Spotlight Automatic Numbering Preferences issue
VB-161480 Undo problem after you close IFC Zones,Systems and Groups dialog"
VB-161524 Seating Section - Removing the style from preference dialog causes VW to insert default focus line
VB-161692 Spotlight - Truss Position Marker move incorrectly when the position is moved
VB-161852 Data Visualization selector collapses all locations that don't have an active visualization applied
VB-161898 Lighting Devices not taking the name of Rigging Objects
VB-162049 Spotlight: Hanging Position blue triangle attachment indicators jumping around the drawing when HP's moved
VB-162087 Spotlight Schematic objects not created
VB-162124 Profile line marker "SectMkr-SIA" does not appear when selected as the PLM.
VB-162140 Spotlight/VGM + Schematic view not showing lighting devices only hanging position and only in Good Performance
VB-162150 Icon button for the context menu and focus point don't update correctly when you move a hanging position
VB-162217 Schematic View doesn't appear if you create it on layer that is different from layer of model
VB-162218 Undo command doesn't return the lighting device in Schematic View object to its previous position
VB-162245 Spotlight: Hanging Positions (HP) draw erratically when moved.
VB-162268 No translation for the word viewport on this menu
VB-162349 Duplicated Lighting Instrument in Schematic View Shifts Lighting Pipe
VB-162380 There are views in which lighting device shifts in Schematic view
VB-162437 Switching the component View to Back shifts and moves the whole object
VB-162455 Profile Line Class Can't be Changed When No Profiles Exist, Menu Should be Grayed
VB-162473 Numbering preferences of the insert lighting devise is the incorrect side (truncated text)
VB-162623 Lighting device is picking up the wrong position name
VB-162650 Changing the Render Mode deactivates the video camera
VB-162657 VW Crashes When Deleting Sheet Layers - Crashed on CB_AddObjectToContainer()
VB-162686 DMX Patch making unwanted changes to other fields when entering Universe and Address values
VB-162753 Gradients are not rotating properly in Lighting Devices
VB-162869 Unified View button Incorrect after file open
VB-162987 In Document Preferences Dialog "Low
VB-162988 The preview section for Layer Filters doesnt have any spacing
VB-163029 "Filter:" string truncated in Organization dialog (Win only)
VB-163099 Updating rigging object name does not update Lighting Device position name
VB-163240 Datatags change position relative to the tagged object if used in a section viewport and section line changes.
VB-163282 VWString filename is too long
VB-163302 Duplicating of Sheet Layer does not send ObjectCreated notification
VB-163309 Undo problem with Object in Schematic view
VB-163343 *Potential crash during idle - VGMProxy:eleteScene(void*)
VB-163372 Seating Section outline goes away
VB-163389 Radial Gradients inside symbols rotate strangely
VB-163428 Insert Connection tool is not work.
VB-163490 macOS10.14/10.15: Ellipses When resizing document window Don't Show in dark Mode
VB-163555 Big preview should be transparent if empty (Mac)
VB-163606 User is unable to patch Universe or Address after select patch settings universe and address and selecting unpatch
VB-163615 Lighting Pipe object from previous version does not reset properly in Vectorworks 2020
VB-163616 Lighting Pipe Ladder object from previous version looks different after being reset
VB-163631 DMX patch issue
VB-163686 Application crashes when switching from horizontal to vertical align and distribute
VB-163697 Create Bridle Assembly Diagram does not add a parts list to existing diagrams when option is checked
VB-163726 Spotlight: Issues with Spotlight Numbering and random numbers
VB-163733 *Another random crash when updating references.
VB-163743 Cannot turn off profile lines on aligned hardscapes
VB-163744 Profile Line Elevations Fail to Update Inside Edit Mode
VB-163746 Data Visualization Fore Color override fails for Retain original
VB-163752 Some prior version Straight Truss objects are moving from their original location when reset in Vectorworks 2020
VB-163796 Default settings for the LW data exchange need to be updated.
VB-163800 BIMobject hangs Vectorworks with some downloads
VB-163811 Barn Door - Most Leaf Hanger controls should be disabled with Box Rail Type
VB-163823 Create Solid Section from Grade Objects - Beta Undo Alert 2
VB-163839 *Braceworks Crash when double clicking in Replace Truss dialog after editing inventory
VB-163877 *Horizontal Section Viewport crashes when using Finite Extents Below Cut Plane
VB-163887 When referencing an IFC file, "Path relative to current document" can be selected even though the vwx file is not saved.
VB-163889 When creating a new IFC file reference, it becomes "Absolute path" even if "Path relative to current document" is selected.
VB-163925 Save View Edit Dialog: Cut and Paste Text Not Working
VB-163948 drag-duplicate error for space objects
VB-163987 The default value of a field in records aren`t shown in the Data Sheet
VB-163988 Deleted Data Sheets still show in the Re- use Existing Data Sheet drop down menu
VB-163989 DSH doesn`t have auto complete in worksheets
VB-163990 Wrong =IFC. formula in worksheets formula bar
VB-163991 Existing data sheets can`t be added
VB-163992 Callout Tool - Manual
VB-163993 Data Tag not tagging when viewport crop present
VB-163998 Vectorworks: Spotlight Preferences not staying after adjustment
VB-164000 Generate 2D from 3D component produces wrong result
VB-164007 Space Always Reports Glazing Area as 0 in OIP
VB-164015 Lighting Ladder not returning weight to Rigging Provider
VB-164016 Lighting Pipe and Ladder not returning width and height to Rigging Provider
VB-164020 Spotlight Schematic View Object not drawing properly upon creation
VB-164023 DMX Patch Incorrect processing of the "Universe" field.
VB-164027 SBE: Data manager: Can't change IFC version from 2x3 to 4
VB-164028 inequality symbols are garbed in Settings drop down menu
VB-164029 Saved mapping remains renamed after cancel
VB-164051 Space Niches Always Extend to Wall Centerline, Regardless of Window/Door Geometry
VB-164055 Space Labels Disappear After Changing Bounding
VB-164056 "Exclude Niches" Option Always Gets Disabled After Space Style is Edited
VB-164059 BIMobject - Download setting - Convert 3D-only objects setting fails to stick
VB-164063 Redo stop working when editing 3d component
VB-164070 Auto complete for IFC and Cobie records worksheet formula with codes not working
VB-164079 Braceworks Truss Disappears in 3D view when Insert connection placed on top was used.
VB-164081 Symbol: debug script, beta undo alert 11
VB-164100 No redo after updating old objects to Title Blocks and undoing the operation
VB-164115 Vectorworks: Spotlight fixtures loose mapping of Universe and Address when file is opened in 2020 b6
VB-164116 Vectorworks Spotlight Preferences: Adding universes label issue
VB-164151 DataManager do not support German expressions of TRUE and FALSE
VB-164180 Site Model can't be updated with Hardscape Modifier
VB-164190 Replacing Texture in document - Multiple errors in spanish translation
VB-164207 After downloading BIMobject, the preview displayed at the mouse cursor position in the drawing may not change.
VB-164220 Undo Alert when entering a horizontal section
VB-164229 crash - out of bounds
VB-164235 Select hanging object shows incorrect info
VB-164239 Lighting pipe and Ladder - setting snap interval less than zero could cause infinite loop
VB-164246 Data Tag does no respond to document units in Spaces
VB-164249 Colon does not display on Duplicate Array dialog box
VB-164253 IFC Data Mapping: minus operator not supported?
VB-164267 Filter preview displays " NNA#...." layers in Layer Filter dialog
VB-164276 Level of Detail should be "All" while in symbol Edit mode
VB-164309 Schematic view which 2D Component view is Top isn't visible when Draw 3D Only checkbox is active
VB-164327 "Generate 2D from 3D Component" Shifts Objects in VW 2020
VB-164343 When executing the Create Schematic View" command menu
VB-164353 Class Filter dialog: Popup that displays tags assigned to classes isn't aligned with Tags popup
VB-164357 There is typo in help text for "Create Schematic views for the truss line"
VB-164361 Architect Metric Template broken link
VB-164369 History-based modeling - Modifying a feature may create failed feature.
VB-164377 History-based modeling - unexpected behavior when failed to modify a feature.
VB-164380 Data Manager: Seems to not work with symbols
VB-164382 Crash in TStairCW_RegenSink::Recalculate when opening file
VB-164383 Shell Object Becomes Corrupted After History Edit
VB-164399 DMX patching: VW crashed when edit universe field.
VB-164409 Vectorworks crahes when you're adding Angle-3D Moment of Inertia Field to Data Sheet
VB-164413 Lighting Device staying in place when its Schematic view is moved
VB-164417 IFC Import: Objects missing
VB-164454 *Crash after dimensioning-VGM::GraphicsEngine::RenderScene
VB-164462 Undo is skipping many steps
VB-164481 Project Sharing - VW Crashes During Save and Commit When Multi-View is Enabled
VB-164483 VW Crashed in RenderPipeline::CMeshDataProvider::CreateMeshData - GetMaterialTextureBitmap
VB-164549 Not possible to use the Data Manager for Symbols
VB-164570 Replace Space Style doesn't change all necessary settings
VB-164601 Space tool duplicate mode icons
VB-164618 Deleting Lighting Device User Parameters from old files can corrupt the OIP
VB-164646 Hardscape: Reverse translate of an aligned hardscape incorrectly changes the '3D Type' parameter.
VB-164684 *Trying to open the attached 2019 file in 2020 causes a crash
VB-164688 VW2020 Crashed while generating Path Animation is Working File
VB-164721 Elevator loses component classing on export
VB-164729 Data Manager; maped data to records do not show
VB-164772 ProjectSharing: Code checksout all objects without asking
VB-164773 Window niches do not follow plan offset of the window
VB-164783 _DrawHatch use of stack variables after they go out of scope
VB-164842 [Data Manager] The dialog does not propose labels by default
VB-164857 DataVis Legend's Title never updates
VB-164891 VW Crashes on Mac When Shell History is Modified With An Invalid Thickness
VB-164893 Crash when modifying a Marionette script
VB-164894 General Note Annotations use Design Layer Scale
VB-164909 Opening Multi DV Dialog Causes Override Priority to Change
VB-164913 List Browser Fails to Expand in New Multi-DV Dialog, Scheme Names Get Cut-Off
VB-164914 Dialog Fails to Open on Windows When Menu Items are Highlighted in Bold
VB-164915 Mac and Windows Treat Conflicting Overrides Differently
VB-164917 Manage Data Visualizations menu item stays bolded
VB-164918 heckmark does not show up next to the None Text when no DV is applied to a viewport
VB-164920 Creating New Scheme Causes Multiple Schemes to Get Removed, Menu Fails to Update
VB-164927 "New Data Visualization" Command Fails to Apply Scheme to Viewport in SP1
VB-164930 DMX Patch does not appear to work
VB-164937 *Crash while sorting the Field column in the Spotlight Numbering Tool
VB-164938 Crash when exporting same Data Visualization to the User Folder twice
VB-164951 Title Block Revision History Log breaks when customised
VB-164955 DMX Patch issue
VB-164958 VW Crashes in SP1 When Exporting DV Schemes
VB-164959 *Attempted save and commit causing crash
VB-164975 VW Crash in VWGraphicsEngine:eleteObject(void*)
VB-164980 GIS: Geolocate tool changes coordinates when coordinate system has not changed
VB-164990 Crash on file open
VB-165031 Every time I open certain files, and sometimes even once a file is already open, all chan containers disappear
VB-165044 Spotlight : Schematic View for circle truss appears incorrectly.
VB-165045 Performance regression when exiting a symbol in 2020 (from 16s to 41s)
VB-165080 Dimensioning lights and moving them is now making 3D geometry visible in Top/Plan
VB-165082 Lighting Devices based on symbols without 3D components only select by snap point
VB-165122 Key "mode_tooltip_DrawMode_Center" duplicated in LightingPipe.vwstrings
VB-165136 Label Legends Show 2D Geometry in 3D Views in SP1
VB-165147 3D Geometry is showing up in an Exported PDF of Top/Plan
VB-165164 DWF/DWG Export crash.
VB-165218 Data Manager boolean in OIP
VB-165256 When previewing a viewport image effect, the viewport disappears.
VB-165262 BIMobject settings and browser are not localized
VB-165272 DMX Patch Incorrect processing of the "Channel" field.
VB-165321 Hyperlinks in VW templates need to be updated
VB-165485 IFC Mapping- Unstyled walls don't allow to edit wall common data

Vectorworks is a versatile, on-premise application that provides extensive 2D drafting, 3D modeling, BIM and rendering capabilities for your architectural and landscape design needs. Vectorworks is equipped with designer-focused tools and features, allowing your workflows to have great freedom, ease of use and flexibility.

A key strength of Vectorworks is its ability to serve your entire creative process, from the initial concept stage through design development, construction drawings, and presentations. 2D drawings and graphics are of rich quality and renderings can range from sketch-styles to photorealistic - All within this one application. Using Vectorworks means it is very likely you will not need to purchase, learn or maintain any other software for your design needs.

With deep BIM integration, Vectorworks enables many techniques and pathways for incorporating construction data into your design and reporting that data on demand. This results in a high level of accuracy and productivity for your firm.

Built-in collaboration tools allow Vectorworks to be a suitable solution for both small and large teams, and for projects of all sizes. A wide range of import and export options permits Vectorworks users to collaborate with users of most other software as required.

With Vectorworks Spotlight 2020, enjoy live data visualization, walkthrough animations, and enhancements to the data tag tool. You'll also experience an improved Vectorworks Graphics Module that offers faster file navigation and more responsive models. Stream video from a media server into Vision 2020 using NDI streams, and use Vision Heat Maps to better understand light intensity in your designs. Braceworks™ hinge plates are also now available in Vectorworks 2020, enabling more realistic representation of the connection and rotation of truss systems.

Vectorworks, Inc. is an award-winning design and BIM software provider serving the architecture, landscape architecture and entertainment industries in 85 countries. Creating intuitive software since 1985, we've become the preeminent software built to manage the entire design process. Globally more than 685,000 users are creating, connecting and influencing the next generation of design with Vectorworks on Mac and Windows. Headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, with offices in Atlanta, Georgia, Newbury and London, England and Vancouver, Canada, Vectorworks is a part of the Nemetschek Group.

Product: Vectorworks
Version: 2020 SP1
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC *
Supported Operating Systems: *
Size: 2.5 Gb

Vectorworks 2020 System Requirements

The following are real-world system requirements for running Vectorworks 2020. In some demanding cases, we would suggest a more capable machine than is described in these hardware profiles. Likewise, there are some less demanding situations where Vectorworks will perform well on older hardware.

Operating Systems:

- Windows 10 64-bit
- Windows 8.1 64-bit
- Windows 8 64-bit
- Windows 7 SP1 64-bit

Minimum Hardware Profile:

Entry-level Profile: For small projects, simple models/drawings with a low level of detail, simple renderings (such as small residential projects, small theaters, small landscaping design)
Processor: 64-bit Intel Core i5 (or AMD equivalent) or better
RAM: 4GB or more
Graphics Card: OpenGL 2.1 compatible graphics card with 1GB of VRAM or more. Some integrated graphics cards such as Intel Iris graphics are acceptable for simple models/drawings, but a dedicated graphics card is preferable.
Vectorworks with Vision requires a dedicated graphics card supporting GL_ARB_draw_buffers extension with 2GB of VRAM or more, preferably released in the past three years (e.g., NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 series, AMD Radeon RX 500 series). Using multiple view panes with different visibilities in all panes requires a graphics card with at least 2GB of VRAM.
Display Resolution: 1440 x 900 or higher
Hard Disk: 10GB free disk space is required for the installation. 30GB or more is required for a full installation with all libraries.

Download link:
nitroflare_com: rapidgator_net:
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