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TinyTask is a sleek and lightweight option for recording any on-screen activity and tasks.

And since it's so easy-to-use it makes it a good choice for anyone wanting to automate some repetitive actions for the purpose of saving time. There is no significant configuration needed; you just and run it. Once you have run the program, you are presented with a tiny floating window that contains all that you need to begin recording your desktop activity. Other programs provide you with a description of a specific function when you hover its icon, TinyTask does not, but it isn't a factor because everything is pretty self-explanatory. The recording is seamless, and playback is equally so. It will play in fullscreen precisely as recorded and will perform tasks that have been recorded during the session. You do have some minor playback options like preset/custom speeds, continuous, and repeat. It can be set to record and playback via several predefined hotkeys as well as always on top so you can keep track of the very tiny window. All recordings can be saved to a location of your choice.

Fixed redraw bug that caused background lines to appear on toolbar in rare circumstances

Adjustments to binary output in an attempt to prevent false positives by scanners

Build rule changes for streamlined multi-language deployment

Updates to toolchain for future development (resulted in 1KB size increase)