SoundSpot Complete 2018.11 WiN | 104 Mb
Some of the greatest recordings of all time come from the analogue age, boasting a warm and pleasing sonic character, but how can this be achieved in the digital domain? Simple - use saturation to add harmonics. The Halcyon boasts a huge amount of control, allowing you to truly tailor the sound of your harmonic saturation. From smooth tape to warm tube and everything in between, the Halcyon can breath life into your productions and make them sound fantastic.

Sometimes a little visual feedback can be very useful in making the right decisions in your mix, and whilst we are strong advocates of "Trust Your Ears" we also understand that most listening environments in the age of bedroom production will be far from perfect. You won't always need to add saturation to the entire spectrum of a sound, so we created a simple and quick way to target an area of the frequency range. Just drag the yellow tabs to where you want the effect to begin and end, it's that simple.

Axis v1.0.1 - Multiband Compressor
Cyclone v1.0.1 - Compressor
FAT v1.0 - Free Filter
FireFly v1.0 - Bus Compressor
Focus v1.0.1 - Filter
Glitch v1.0.1 - FX
Halcyon v.1.0 - Saturator
Hiku v1.0.1 - Mastering Enhancer
KickBox v1.0.2 - Drum Enhancer
MSW2 v1.0 - Spatial Tool
Nebula v1.0.2 - Modulation Multi FX
Oracle v1.0 - Reverb
Orbit v1.0.1 - Transient Designer
Overtone v1.0.1 - EQ
Paradox v1.0.1 - Channell Strip
Percolate v1.0.1 - Percussion Enhancer
Propane v1.0.1 - Spatial
Ravage v1.0.1 - Creative Distortion
Renegade v1.0 - Bass Enhancer
Velo v1.0.1 - Limiter

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