Solid Angle Katana 2.6 (3.0) to Arnold | 534.4 mb
Solid Angle has released version of Arnold for Katana (or KtoA). This plug-ins provides a bridge to the Arnold renderer from within the standard Katana interface. KtoA is now shipping with the latest Arnold: core.

KtoA release notes:

- Update to Arnold core 5.2.1: The bundled Arnold has been updated to version, featuring round corners, subdivision and operator performance improvements, many bug fixes and more. (#339)
- Hydra-based viewer light display: KtoA includes plugins for the new viewer (Katana 3.0+ only) which now properly display all Arnold light and light filter types, including basic texture display for gobos, quad lights, and skydome lights. These should recognize both lights directly created in gafferthree, or as a manual shader network, or assigned from a lookfile. (#64, #110, #308)
- Include global aspect adjustments for non-render cameras: ArnoldCameraSettings now has a parameter adjustAspect used to control whether the global aspect ratio adjustments for resolution and pixel aspect are included on the camera. Cameras used for rendering pixels always include this, but other cameras (e.g. for projection) by default do not include this adjustment anymore. (#315)
- Extended attributes for instance arrays: instance array locations now accept geometry.instanceTranslate, geometry.instanceRotateX (and also Y and Z rotation), and geometry.instanceScale attributes for more flexibility. Also, arbitrary attributes can now properly be applied to each instance, like pointcloud instancing. (#330)
- License management shelf script: There is a new license manager shelf script for KtoA which shows the current licenses available and any environment variables that affect licensing. In the future, it will also have management options to change the licensing setup, if any apply. (#337)
Incompatible Changes
- Non-render cameras aspect ratio: Cameras not used for pixel rendering (not specified on either RenderSettings node or on RenderOutputDefine nodes) no longer include global resolution and pixel aspect adjustments. To turn those back on, use ArnoldCameraSettings to do so via the adjustAspect parameter. (#315)
Bug Fixes
- #334 Hydra viewer linker issues with system GLEW ViewerManipulators
- #340 cryptomatte not recognized as AOV shader

About Foundry Katana. Katana's highly efficient, collaborative approach to lighting and look development gives you the creative scope and scalability to meet the needs of today's most demanding CG-rendering projects. Equally suited to both short and long-form animation and VFX projects, Katana's unique design lets you work with massive scenes and high volumes of shots; easily reuse looks; and make revisions without repeating scene setup work, so you can spend more time achieving higher quality results.

About Solid Angle. Solid Angle is the technology company behind the Arnold rendering software. With offices in Madrid and London, Solid Angle's customers include ILM, Framestore, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Rodeo FX, Luma Pictures, Image Engine, The Moving Picture Company, Digic Pictures, The Mill and Psyop. Arnold was designed to efficiently process the complex geometric datasets required for feature-length CGI animation and big-budget visual effects, while at the same time simplifying the pipeline. This unique renderer has been used to create the VFX seen in "Guardians of the Galaxy", "Elysium, "Gravity", "Pacific Rim", Marvel's "The Avengers", and "Alice in Wonderland", to name just some. Marcos Fajardo is the founder of Solid Angle and lead architect of Arnold. The software is now available as a standalone renderer, as a C++ API and as a set of plug-ins for leading 3D applications such as Maya, Softimage and Katana on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

About The Foundry. The Foundry develops award-winning computer graphics and visual effects (VFX) software used globally by leading artists and designers. The portfolio lets users create inspiring and technical high-end visuals across a wide range of industries including film, TV, commercial and games, as well as the CAD, design and architecture markets. Together we constantly strive to produce innovative solutions that meet the needs of our customers and the ever-changing environments in which they work.

Product: Solid Angle Katana 2.6 (3.0) to Arnold
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7+ on x86-64, with VC++ 2015 redistributable installed
Software Prerequisites: The Foundry Katana 2.5v6+, 2.6v1+, 3.0v1+
Size: 534.4 mb

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