SAP Sybase PowerDesigner Build 4693 x86/x64 | 1.63 GB
Advantages* Increase productivity through collaboration between business and IT

* Open support for various heterogeneous environments
* Extensive customization options that allow you to provide support for different standards and set up communication with the external environment.
* Promotes the creation of an enterprise architecture model through the ability to document
PowerDesigner is a leading tool for modeling and managing metadata, designed to create data models, information architecture and enterprise architecture. PowerDesigner gives the company the power to analyze relationships (technology impact analysis), the ability to manage changes during the design phase and the management of metadata. * Increases the level of business maneuverability through the availability of Link & Sync technologies and analysis of relationships (impact analysis)

Key features of PowerDesigner
PowerDesigner supports the following modeling technologies
* Data Modeling: A conceptual, logical and physical data model, and an extension for data warehouse design, based on the IE (Information Engineering) methodology or the IDEF 1 / x notation.
* Application modeling: All UML diagrams and management of the implementation of persistent objects due to the expanded ability to describe the OR-mapping (Object / Relational mapping). Techniques of modeling using XML and the connection of such models with UML and data models.

* Modeling of business processes: Business process description diagrams, intuitive to non-technical users, modeling of the execution language of business processes with support for notations BPEL4WS and ebXML.
* Modeling Enterprise Architecture: Modeling Enterprise Architecture, - from business objectives to implementation, using unique connection and synchronization technology (Link and Synch). This allows you to get rid of unnecessary information and provides a transparent description, which increases the competitiveness of the business, increasing the speed of response to changes in the economy, technology and legislation.

PowerDesigner models are fully integrated: using unique Link and Synch technology, PowerDesigner integrates metadata between all types of models.
Each user has his own modeling technique. Those who are engaged in modeling and analysis of data, as well as architects and developers, will be able to focus on the ability to manage metadata with a focus on technology. IT-managers and non-technical personnel will benefit from techniques that are oriented toward business modeling. At the same time, all this is integrated into a common and easy-to-use environment.
The PowerDesigner repository is a full-fledged repository of information deployed on your chosen database. The repository is scalable and has a user-friendly interface for users working remotely. Provides the following features: role access to models and submodels, version control, configuration management, model consolidation, reports on changes between models and versions, full search across the entire repository.
Open support for all major platforms: More than 60 DBMSs, leading application development platforms, such as Java J2EE, Microsoft .NET, Web Services and PowerBuilder, as well as process execution languages ​​such as ebXML and BPEL4WS.

Customization options: PowerDesigner offers full support for MDA scripts, UML profiles, automation of standard tasks by supporting scripting languages ​​and fully customizable generation of DDL and code, using templates and the presence of a code generator with support for scripts.

Version: Build 4693
Developer: SAP & Sybase
Digit: 32bit, 64bit
Language: English
Tabletka: present
System requirements: Windows 2000 SP4 \ XP SP1Vista \ Server 2003 \ Server 2008 \ Seven

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