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Scanning documents is a time consuming task that usually has to be closely monitored to ensure proper output quality. Quick Scan, as the name implies, aims to speed up the scan process and increase your productivity by scanning more documents in a shorter period of time.

A scanner utility that enables you to quickly scan documents and manually set the DPI level, preferred file format and JPEG file compression.

Change the desired DPI level and choose a filename

DPI stands for dots per inch and it is responsible for the quality of the output image. A better DPI level means better looking pictures with more visible details. Quick Scan enables you to set a level between 75 and 600 dots per inch, depending on the nature of the document you are scanning and the resolution you require for your purposes.

Once you are satisfied with the quality level, you can start the scan process and save the image file on your computer. The application allows you to choose a filename for every processed document and select between JPG25, JPG75 and BMP output formats. The format is also relative to the purpose of your file, since every option comes with certain advantages and disadvantages.

Choose the color mode and save log reports

Quick Scan comes with the ability to scan the documents using different color modes, including RGB, grayscale or black and white. If you need the whole color spectrum reproduced with high fidelity, the RGB option comes into play to offer you the best results. Grayscale and black and white are generally used to scan text documents quickly and to improve the font clarity.

The application keeps track of all the scan jobs you perform, as well as other various parameters and information about the process. All of this data is saved in a HTML log report, which can be viewed at any time to check for any errors.

Closing arguments

Although it lacks more advanced settings and it cannot handle batch document processing, Quick Scan is still a good choice for anyone who wants to speed up the scan process and do more work in a shorter time span. The user interface is compact and intuitive, with easy-to-use features and self-explanatory buttons.

* You can use it for home/commercial use for absolutely free
* Simple GUI, Easy to use and one of the best & free utility in the market
* PDF Export
* Preview Box
* Image adjustments (brightness, contrast, saturation etc.)
* Just press ENTER key to begin scan / ESC to exit
* HTML Log report for scanned files with hyperlinks
* Available in Portable & Installable Version
* Light weight
* Easy to change DPI
* Easy to change file format and can set different JPG file compression
* Easy to change Paper Size
* Post scan box -- Loop scanning -- Ask to scan next page after every scanning
* Post scan box (Open the last scanned file in the default picture viewer / windows explorer / export all to PDF)
* Explore and select the last scanned file in Windows Explorer (so that the user can edit/email it with ease)
* Set/change scanning folder permanently
* Last scanned folder notification
* Option to change default scanning device
* No more obstructive dialog boxes while scanning (Images are saved with predefined settings to the defined path)

New in Quick Scan (April 26, 2016)
* UI improvements
* Scan Preview with adjustments (contrast,brightness,saturation,colorness etc.)

OS: Windows All

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