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PTC Inc., is pleased to announce the availability of Creo View 6.1.0. This software enables you to view and interrogate ECAD designs and 3D MCAD products and models, assemblies, drawings, images, and documents.

What's New in Creo View 6.1
[]What's New in Creo View MCAD[]
Installation Media Changes
The Creo View Client installation media is available in two separate components:
- Creo View Client-Used for distribution directly to desktop environments.
- Creo View Client for Windchill Installation-Used for installing the Creo View Client onto a Windchill server for users to download directly.
The installation procedure for Creo View media to Windchill servers earlier than release is changed.
View Multibody Designs
Creo View supports viewing multibody designs generated from Creo Parametric. Creo View displays a new body object as a child in the Creo View structure. User Interface Location: Bodies appear in the structure tree with this icon .
BETA: Native Viewing of PDF Content
Beta support is added to Creo View for natively viewing PDF contents without the need for a plug-in.
User Interface Location: File > Options > General - Loading, then select the BETA: Use native viewer for PDF files check box.
* Creating markups or viewing client-based watermarking requires the Adobe Reader for PDF viewing. You can view markups created by other users in the Creo View native viewer.
Save Markups Created in 2D Section View
You can save the markups created in 2D section view in annotation sets, so you can reuse later. User Interface Location: In the Sectioning tab, click View Section > Show 2D View, and then in the Markup tab add markups. To save annotations, click File > Save Annotation Set.
Control the Inclusion of Extra Representations in Annotation Sets When Saving to Windchill
Control whether extra representations that are added to the session, are included in the annotation sets when saving to Windchill. User Interface Location: Click File > Save Annotation Set As.
Select and Search for Visible Items Only
You have more control when selecting all items and when searching for items. User Interface Location:
- To ignore items when performing Select All (CTRL+A), click File > Options > Model, and then select the Ignore hidden items when performing a 'Select All' in the graphics area of 3D content check box.
- To search against visible items only, click Home > Find > Search to open Search Product Structure. In the Search Against select Visible items.
Handle AutoCAD Files With DWG References
Support is added for the handling of AutoCAD files with external DWG references, while viewing representations from Windchill Visualization Services.
What's New in Creo View MCAD Adapters
Application Support Updates
Support for the following application versions is added:
- Creo Parametric Beta
- AutoCAD 2020
- Microsoft Office 2019
- Inventor 2020
- NX 1847 series and NX 1872 series
- Adobe Experience Manager forms 6.5
Support for the following application versions is removed:
- Microsoft Office 2013
- Inventor 2017
- NX 10
Creo Illustrate Adapter
The Creo Illustrate Adapter is used to publish illustration content into Creo View and other consumable formats.
Generate a Shrinkwrap Using PVSOptmize
The PVSOptimize tool can generate a shrinkwrap, or outer shell, as a replacement for the full Creo View structure and for the geometry files.
Geometric Body Objects Are Supported
The Creo View adapter for Creo Parametric is updated to support converting body objects that are available in Creo Parametric
Configure HTTPS Support for Adobe Experience Manager
Creo View Adapter supports the SSL/HTTPS configuration of the Adobe Experience Manager.
Add Creo Parametric Mass Attributes as Properties
You can add Creo Parametric mass properties to the PVS file as parameters in addition to the OL properties
Automatically Generate IDX Files
The Creo View Adapter for Creo Parametric can create IDX files as an additional file format during publishing with Windchill.
What's New in Creo View ECAD Adapters
ECAD Application Support Updates
Support for the following application versions is added:
- Mentor Graphics EDM - Versions up to VX.2.5
- Mentor Graphics PADS Layout - Versions up to VX.2.5
- Mentor Graphics xDX Designer/ Xpedition - Versions up to VX.2.5
- Mentor Graphics PADS Professional Schematic and Layout VX.2.5
- ZUKEN CR-8000 2019 Design Force and Design Gateway
- ZUKEN CR-5000 21 System Designer and Board Designer
Support for the following application versions is removed:
- Mentor Graphics EDM - Versions up to VX.2.2
- Mentor Graphics PADS Layout - Versions up to VX.2.2
- Mentor Graphics xDX Designer/ Xpedition - Versions up to VX.2.2
- Mentor Graphics PADS Professional Schematic and Layout VX.2.2
- ZUKEN CR-8000 2016 Design Force and Design Gateway
- ZUKEN CR-5000 18 System Designer and Board Designer
PTC Creo View is a simple but powerful enterprise visualization technology that enables virtually effortless collaboration across local and global design teams. Access to multiple forms of engineering data including 3D CAD models, 2D drawings, electrical schematics, and printed circuit boards both interactively at your desktop or through augmented reality (AR) allows design authors, project managers and downstream suppliers to quickly and easily access and share information between themselves and other stakeholders.
Creo View makes the comparison and validation process easy, with single-view interrogation of mechanical and electrical design, project and part data.
With Creo View, you're on the way to faster and higher quality design reviews, improved user and extended design team collaboration, and higher quality products at a lower cost.
PTC was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Needham, MA, USA. It was formerly known as Parametric Technology Corporation and changed its name to PTC . in January 2013. It is a leading software company in the domains of product lifecycle management (PLM), Internet of things (IoT) and augmented reality (AR). The company operates in two segments: software products and professional services.
PTC delivers innovative solutions that changes how products are created and serviced across the entire product lifecycle. Apart from PLM, IoT and AR, the company also provides solutions in the CAD and Service Lifecycle Management (SLM).
Product: PTC Creo View
Version: Build 26
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
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Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC / Linux *
Supported Operating Systems: *
Size: 4.2 Gb

Hardware and Operating System Requirements
Because you can view files with widely varying size and complexity, the hardware requirements partly depend on the type and size of files. Hardware drivers not updated by the manufacturer in the last four years may not meet the needs of Creo View .
The minimum requirements are sufficient for small-sized or average-sized files. For optimum performance, meet these recommended specifications:
Random access memory (RAM)
Minimum Requirement: 2 GB
Recommended Specification: 3 GB to 8 GB
Central processing unit (CPU) or Core
Minimum Requirement: Single-core, 1-GHz x86 Intel compatible
Recommended Specification: Dual-core or greater, 2-GHz x86_64-bit Intel compatible
Disk space
Minimum Requirement: 1.2 GB for a 64-bit platform
Recommended Specification: 2 GB for the installation. Additional disk space for data
Operating system
Minimum Requirement: Windows 10, Redhat Linux 6.2 amd64
Recommended Specification: Windows 10 64-bit, Redhat Linux 7.x amd64