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PTC announced announced the latest release of its Creo 3D computer-aided design (CAD) platform. This release introduces new capabilities in real-time simulation and extends the capabilities of augmented reality (AR) and design for additive manufacturing, along with numerous key productivity enhancements.

Creo 6.0 has officially been released. The latest version includes a range of new features as well as general improvements to help you and your team design better products faster. It includes new additive manufacturing capabilities, real-time simulation, Augmented Reality (AR) tools, and general productivity enhancements.
PTC has moved to an annual release cycle. With this increased released speed, users will naturally see a bit less in each release. It will be harder to compare each new version to the previous version, or even the two previous versions. This will also impact how older versions of Creo are supported.
This means that every 3-4 versions of Creo will likely be designated as an enterprise build. These builds are safe to move to/stay on for a longer time and PTC will continue to release .X version updates. Other intermittent versions, even larger numbered updates, will not receive the same treatment.

New Additive Manufacturing Capabilities
Creo 6.0 expands on its existing additive manufacturing capabilities. These new features provide you with increased flexibility when designing for 3D printing.
- Optimization: The Creo Topology optimization extension provides you with optimization tools specifically for 3D printing. Users also have more control over animating results in an updated results platform.
- Build direction: Optimize build direction on 3D printing platforms to include more parts in a single print, eliminate support structures, or decrease printing time.
- Lattice structure: Creo 6.0 expanded their lattice optimization structures from 2.5D and 3D to include formula-driven designs. Users can define custom structures using geometry or use pre-formulated designs like gyroids, conformal, or stochastic lattices.
Real-Time Simulation with Creo Simulate Live
Creo Simulate Live, supported by ANSYS technology, provides simulation results in real-time, significantly shortening and improving the entire product design process. The combined modeling and simulation environments help supports analysis-driven design to create better products faster. Using Creo Simulate Live, organizations can:
- Decrease costs: Using analysis helps you catch problems before creating physical prototypes. This decreases product development costs and total product lifecycle costs.
- Optimize processes: New products get to market faster when extraneous steps are removed and total product development processes are shortened.
- Increase product quality: Simulation provides the tools you need to make informed decisions, which increases product quality and performance.
Augmented Reality for Better Collaboration
The new Creo 6.0 cloud-based AR features help teams create incredible AR experiences that improve collaboration. Experiences can even be shared among suppliers and stakeholders, so everyone involved in a project is on the same page.
Creo 6.0 lets you create and manage up to 10 designs. Experiences can be launched via QR codes and are compatible with the Microsoft HoloLens. Using these features allows everyone to explore designs in context and at scale. Teams can:
- Define, create, publish, and distribute AR experiences
- Collaborate with stakeholders
- Control access to experiences with user-defined permissions
- Ensure no critical IP is lost
- Utilize the PTC cloud-portal for experience management and sharing
- Support and enable sales and marketing efforts
Creo 6.0 Productivity Improvements
In addition to new features, PTC always makes general productivity improvements to the Creo platform so you can keep making new products faster.
- Model trees are now aligned more closely with the graphics area. Navigation customizations are saved and stored for any time a model is reopened.
- Skins and dashboards have been further optimized to group together related functions and provide easy access to help information for each feature.
- Mini-toolbars are included in-feature and within the graphics area to provide you with access to the tools you need right when you need them.
- Cable ties and markers have a new streamlined interface so you can quickly and easily add them to models.
- Continued volume sweep tool helps you easily generate the curve that the tool follows during CNC machining processes.
- Model-based design features have been improved with an optimized interface that offers more intuitive tools for placing notes on models.
What's New in PTC Creo 6.0?

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Product: PTC Creo
Version: with Help Center
Supported Architectures: x64
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Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC *
Supported Operating Systems: *
Size: 6.0 Gb

System Requirements
Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 8.1 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit
Memory: 4GB or higher
Monitor: 1280x1024 (or higher) resolution with 24-bit or greater color
Graphics card: For 3D hardware acceleration, an OpenGL graphics card must be used that has been tested in a PTC-certified configuration.
Pointing device: Microsoft-approved three-button mouse
File systems: NTFS