Project Funding Modelling (for Professionals)

Project Funding Modelling (for Professionals)

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Guide to understand the Project Funding Modelling covering CMA and various analysis.
Welcome to the course on Project Funding Modelling.

Economy grows only when more business happens and it is possible only when new business opportunities are identified and converted into viable ventures.

Identifying business opportunity is the responsibility of the entrepreneurs. But making it as viable venture is possible only when it is funded by stake holders.

Stake holders can be Investors / Lenders.

Lenders would like to evaluate the business opportunities presented by their customers in various angle.

They would study the business of the customer from Risk / Return / Technical / Economic / Commercial Viable angles.

In order to understand the Economic and Commercial Viability and also to know the Break Even and Sensitivity of the Business, the Bankers would be using Project Funding Models.

Project Funding Model is basically excel based tool which would capture past financial data of the customer as well future projections and would provide various set of analysis to the Bankers for decision making.

CMA is used by the Banker as Project Funding Model tool.

CMA stands for Credit Monitoring Arrangement.

By feeding data in CMA, we will get following information:

a) Valid Statement:

i) Whether the Balance Sheet is tallying

ii) Whether there is any difference between the depreciation in Operating Statement and Balance Sheet

iii) What is the proportion of various expenses to the total production cost.

b) Financial Indicators:

I) Various Financial Ratios

ii) Efficiency Ratios

iii) Risk Related Ratios

c) Inventory and Receivables Holding Levels

I) Levels of Inventory

ii) Levels of Receivables

iii) Levels of Payables

d) Assessed Bank Finance Statement

e) Fund Flow Statement

This sheet will automatically calculate Fund Flow and will show whether there is any diversion of funds.

f) DSCR Statement

This sheet will automatically calculate the Debt Service Coverage Ratio.

The above information will be analysed by the bankers in depth.

Apart from the above, the Bankers will also study Break Even Analysis, Sensitivity Analysis.

This course is presented in casual style and in self learning pace.

Take this course to understand the nuances of Project Funding Modelling.

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