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P-CAD 2006 SP2 ENG + ENG|275 Mb
P-CAD 2006 is a multifunctional, professional program for step-by-step design and development of printed circuit boards of any complexity and design of analog, digital-analog and analog-digital devices, used and actual to this day.

The P-CAD 2006 system performs the full cycle of designing printed circuit boards, namely:
- graphic input of electrical circuits;
- mixed analog-digital modeling based on the SPICE3 kernel;
- Packing the circuit on a printed circuit board;
- interactive placement of components;
- interactive and automatic trace of conductors;
- control of errors in the circuit and printed circuit board;
- release of documentation;
- analysis of signal integrity and cross-distortion;
- Preparation of files Gerber and NC Drill for the production of printed circuit boards;
- preparation of symbol libraries, topological seats and component models.

Features of P-CAD 2006:
- Number of signal layers 999, unlimited number of components.
- The P-CAD program is one of the most well-known systems, allowing to conduct an end-to-end design cycle, including:
- Entering the project in the form of multi-page schematic diagrams
- Verification of schematic diagrams and specification of design rules
- Digital-analog simulation (only if Mixed-Signal Circuit Simulator is installed)
- Arrangement of components in interactive mode
- Trace of printed conductors in interactive and automatic modes
- Topology Verification and Signal Integrity Analysis
- Preproduction preparation of printed circuit boards. The schematic diagram can contain an unlimited number of pages.
- Hierarchical organization of the schematic diagram can simplify the use of repetitive fragments of the circuit.

In addition to the SP2 update, added to the service pack:
- Correcting the origin of the board - Enabling the use of relative position in all property dialogs, reports, DRC and export files where coordinates are used;
- Correction of "Arc" when creating Gerber files - Option allows you to export true arcs to Gerber files;
- Differential pairs - The ability to direct both pairs of chains simultaneously in full accordance with the design rules;
- Multi-wiring - The new tool can be used for simultaneous wiring of two or more circuits.

The main features of P-CAD 2006:
- User-friendly interface, similar to most popular programs for Windows.
- Storage of project information in binary and text files.
- Convenient help system.
- The project scheme can contain 999 sheets, the design of the board - up to 999 layers (11 of them are standard).
- The number of circuits in the project is up to 64,000.
- The number of valves in the component is up to 5000.
- The maximum number of pins for a component is 10000.
- The maximum dimensions of a sheet of a circuit or a drawing of a printed circuit board are 60x60 inches.
- Support for inch and metric systems of measures.
- Limit resolution of 0.0001 inches (0.1 mil) or 0.01 mm (10 microns).
- The minimum rotation angle of components on the board is 0.1 deg.
- The length of component names is up to 30 characters, the maximum volume of text labels and attributes is up to 20,000 characters.
- Mechanism for transferring changes in the printed circuit board to the circuit and vice versa (Engineering Change Order, ECO).
- Libraries of components containing more than 27000 elements and certified according to ISO 9001.
- The schematic diagram can be checked for compliance with more than 50 rules, divided into 9 groups. Errors are marked on the schematic diagram with special markers, which greatly simplifies the verification of the scheme.
- Automatic wiring is performed in an external autorouter - Specctra 15.1 or Situs - autorouter for P-CAD
- Verification of the topology is carried out with the control of more than 50 rules, grouped into 14 sections, which allows you to clearly monitor their compliance.

Features Russification:
- The lack of translation of some elements is due to the fact that attempts to Russify them lead to the program's inoperability;
- Now it's more pleasant to edit in dialogs due to the increase of fields - a very tangible effect when working with large projects;
- In the board editor, in addition to dialogs and menus, reports and the vast majority of hints and error messages are now in Russian!
- When adding a dimension to the grid list, now you do not need to aim the mouse at the Add button, simply press Enter, similarly the default action in many dialogs is changed - when pressing Enter does not close the dialog, but a useful action.
- About the completeness of the translation, if the error / dialog is not translated, - there was not enough (another year of normal) time, but if there is no translation of the name / link in the pcb / dialog boxes, then it is impossible, it is also involved in the system and affects the performance.
- Some anti-viruses can be slightly cursed due to the installer's request during installation to the protected branch of the registry containing the parameters for removing all programs installed on the PC, which outputs data to the corresponding section of the control panel.
Title: P-CAD 2006 SP2 ENG + RUS
Year of release: 2006 (program) / 2017 (crack)
Developer: altium.com
Platform / OS: Windows® Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server XP
Interface language: English + Russian (localization)
Medicine: Included
Size: 275 Mb

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