NUMECA HEXPRESS/Hybrid 8.1 (x64)

NUMECA HEXPRESS/Hybrid 8.1 (x64) l File size: 1.25 GB

Parallel Unstructured Hex Dominant Meshing for complex and/or unclean geometries. HEXPRESS�/Hybrid is the latest of NUMECA's meshing tools designed for meshing complex geometries starting from unclean CAD data. The tool produces unstructured hex-dominant conformal meshes in parallel, including high quality viscous layers. The integrated automatic wrapping technology and the HoleSearcher allow the user to avoid the time spent on CAD cleaning and repairing, thus significantly reducing the engineering time spent on the generation of a mesh. This enables the user to obtain a mesh in a matter of hours instead of days/weeks.

This product is part of AutoMesh�.

The general nature of HEXPRESS�/Hybrid makes it applicable in a wide variety of industries:

Automotive: early design, external aerodynamics, thermal management and underhood calculations
Truck, Train and Bus constructers
Industrial, Agricultural and Construction machines
Petrochemical and Oil & Gas industry
Integration of turbomachinery and aircrafts
Environment simulations
Electronics industry
Key features
Mesh arbitrarily complex shapes: internal/external, CFD & FEM grids
Full edge capturing on user request
Robust and integrated CAD cleaning and hole closing
Small gaps and overlaps automatically resolved
Large gaps detected and closed with the HoleSearcher
Details in the geometry are captured according to user-specified level of refinement
Full Parallel Meshing (SMP shared memory)
Batch or Interactive GUI-fully scriptable
Flexible viscous layers insertion with smooth transition
Volume mesh, pure Tets, pure Hex or Hybrid
Mesh deformation
Meshing of multiple volumes with coincident node in one step
Can mesh thin-surfaces (heatshields, exhaust pipes, etc).

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