Mentor Graphics PADS Standard Plus VX.2.3 Update 6

Mentor Graphics PADS Standard Plus VX.2.3 Update 6 | OS: Windows 64bit | Language: English | Size: 898 MB

PADS Standard Plus is an easy-to-use, complete desktop design flow for PCB hardware engineers and layout designers requiring higher productivity. PADS Personal Automated Design Solutions provide an easy-to-use environment that helps solve the PCB design challenges you meet every day. Using PADS, you will get your job done faster and better, while saving costs. Targeted toward the independent engineer who requires a more complete design flow that includes advanced toolsets, PADS Standard Plus is equipped with enhanced layout and integrated analysis and verification, supplying all you need to produce quality PCBs, fast.

Easy-to-use schematic and layout translators help import libraries and designs from your current toolset, whether it's Allegro , Altium Designer, CADSTAR, OrCAD, P-CAD, or Protel.

PADS includes broad capabilities for system design capture and definition. Intuitive project and design navigation, complete hierarchical support, a starter library, and advanced design attribute and design rules management make it easy to capture and define your schematic. Achieve efficiency and productivity with full forward and backward annotation to layout and routing and a direct link to signal integrity analysis.

PADS central database includes all design rules and constraints with online DRC. The multi-level hierarchy guides you through the process of capturing rules in an easy-to-view spreadsheet user interface, automatically updating the layout as you go. Default, class, net, group, pin pair, layer, conditional, and component rules are included. High-speed rules include differential pairs, matched lengths, maximum and minimum length, and support of DDR topology (virtual pins and associated nets).

What's New

Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer / Server 2008 R2, Server 2012 & 2012 R2
Software Prerequisites: Mentor Graphics PADS Standard Plus VX.2.3 or above


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