MDesign 2018 Build 180629 | 471.7 mb

The TEDATA product team is pleased to announce the availability of MDesign 2018 Build 180629 is an E-Engineering Platform providing advanced knowledge on calculations, design procedures and technical rules and being used in all sectors of automotive industry and machine manufacturing.

applications and libraries for technology, construction and design in mechanical, vehicle and plant engineering. MDESIGN consists of the workplace environment MDESIGN explorer and extensive calculation libraries, such as MDE-SIGN mechanical for machine element design and MDESIGN gearbox for gearbox analysis. Beyond are more specialized applications available. MDESIGN author is also available as an authoring system, which transforms easily your specific calculation, formulas and know-how into an easily usable, standardized application.
The MDESIGN user interface is designed for easy application handling during calculation and design of mechanical elements. It is tailo-red to calculation, intelligent catalogs, database access and technical documentation. Thereby it is guide and gate to information and calculation of the technical department. The main advantage is the over every calculation and information application, database and catalog identical user interface. This ensures a fast and easy usability, even if the numerous modules are used in different frequency. All knowledge objects, documents and standardized database accesses can be entered into a multi-level classification and managed from there.
The plain screen layout is remarkable of all MDESIGN application for many years. It contributes significantly to the success of MDE-SIGN, because the multiple MDESIGN solutions are used for many years on several thousand workstations.The product liability law as well as the EG-machinery-directive and the quality criteria of ISO have burden even higher risks of liability to the companies and their employees. Only those who make proper documentation through the development of a product coherent to a third party can come up his responsibility to minimize risks.
To assure this proof MDESIGN generates automatic and individually configured calculation documents. Therefore transparent and traceable decision-making processes are fully ensured for future modifications and investigations.

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2018 Build 180629
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471.7 mb