Materialise Magics v22.0.0.227 (x64)

Materialise Magics v22.0.0.227 (x64) | 414 Mb

Materialise Magics. Powerful 3D Printing Software. No more hassle or wasted time in your 3D printing workflow.

Meet Materialise Magics. Materialise Magics, the top choice of data preparation software for any 3D Printing technology.
- Solve the most common problems in one click
- Let the Fix Wizard guide you through the file fixing process step-by-step when facing complex errors
- Maintain full control with manual tools
- Make worst-quality designs watertight with this STL repair software
- Increase efficiency and save material costs
- Easily achieve the exact position, rotation and size of your part
- Generate 3D PDFs and reports to efficiently communicate with your clients
- Meet important project deadlines
- Advanced 3D model viewer
- Convert nearly all CAD file formats to STL with the Import Module
- According to your needs, additional modules will help you take your data preparation to the next level.

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