Lightwork Design Iray 2.1 for Maya

Lightwork Design Iray 2.1 for Maya
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If you're a Maya user looking for a plugin renderer that you can use straight out of the box then Iray for Maya is for you. Using Iray for Maya will simplify and enhance your design experience; use it to create stunning materials for stills and animations, at all stages of the design process with material nodes that are directly integrated into Maya. As Iray for Maya uses NVIDIA's Iray technology, it gives you access to physically-based materials, lighting and environments and can be easily scaled across multi-GPU workflows. And its ease of use means that whether you're an experienced Maya user, or you're just starting out on your CGI design journey, you'll be able to create astonishing rendering results within minutes.

The new features we have added include:
� NEW: Improved AxF import
� NEW: ifmBsdf and ifmBsdfMetallicFlakes material
� NEW: UDIM support
� NEW: Faster animation rendering
� NEW: Improvements to Deep-Learning powered Post Denoiser
� NEW: Support of Camera Scale
� NEW: Camera parameter Refract Backplate
� NEW: Improved image plane, incl. texture map support
� NEW: Section capping for Iray Section Objects
� NEW: Reality Server export

Whats New

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