Knowledge Base Civil Designer 2014

Knowledge Base Civil Designer 2014 | 249 Mb

Civil Designer is Africa's only truly integrated civil infrastructure design suite. It is preferred and used by thousands of engineers and designers because it provides companies with a number of significant benefits.

- The in-depth design uses tried and tested civil engineering principles so you can achieve the optimum design quickly and effectively.
- It fits into your workflow with advanced BIM, LandXML and DWG support.
- There is no wasting of time or introducing errors in transferring data between different programs which means that your designers can work smarter and design faster, saving time and increasing productivity.
- The quick learning curve ensures your designers are up and running quickly.
- Our customer support is known to be the best and most comprehensive in South Africa (96% of our clients rated it good to excellent in recent research). It includes on-site support, training, email and telephonic support, user group workshops, video and tech tip tutorials.
- You own a perpetual licence so the software doesn't suddenly expire. Upgrade to a newer version when you choose to.
- Civil Designer South Africa is a Level 2 B-BBEE supplier.

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