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Keysight EMpro 2019 | 1.4 Gb

Keysight Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of Electromagnetic Professional (EMPro) 2019. This release includes improvements for FEM (mesh and adaptive frequency sweep robustness, support for conductor temperature dependency) and the platform (sketcher, far field computations, HFSS design import and support for a3dcomp, Python API).

EMPro 2019 Release Notes - Release Date 2019-01-15:

What's New

The EMPro 2019 release includes the following enhancements and bug fixes. It is also the recommended release to be used in conjunction with ADS 2019.
- The ambient temperature and temperature dependency of conductors materials are now taken into account.
- Mapping of port distribution lines to mesh elements in FEM is now more robust.
- The meshing algorithm has been improved to be more robust.
- The adaptive frequency sweep (AFS) is more robust in fitting the simulated data.
- An issue has been fixed in the computation of radiated power, gain, and efficiency.
- An issue has been fixed in the field visualization when changing the Excitation type from 'Multiple Excitation' to 'Single Excitation'. The field values are now correctly updated.
- An FEM distributed simulation launched by a Simulation Service running on a Windows host is now more robust.
EMPro Platform
- To facilitate the creation of parameterized objects during sketching, the default solve mode for the constraint manager is now the XY plane. In a python script, you can change the solve mode to full 3D by the following command: sketch.constraintManager().solveMode='XYZ'
- The import HFSS (.aedt/.a3dcomp + .sat) has been improved.
- The 'python_scripts/demo/commandline/' script that demonstrates how you can create and run a new simulation from the command line has been updated to support parameter sweeps.

About Keysight EMpro. Electromagnetic Professional (EMPro) is Keysight EEsof EDA's electromagnetic (EM) simulation software design platform for analyzing the 3D EM effects of components such as high-speed and RF IC packages, bondwires, antennas, on-chip and off-chip embedded passives and PCB interconnects. EMPro EM simulation software features a modern design, simulation and analysis environment, high capacity simulation technologies and integration with the industry's leading RF and microwave circuit design environment, Advanced Design System (ADS) for fast and efficient RF and microwave circuit design.

About Keysight Technologies Inc. Keysight Technologies Inc. is the world's leading electronic measurement company, transforming today's measurement experience through innovations in wireless, modular, and software solutions. With its HP and Agilent legacy, Keysight delivers solutions in wireless communications, aerospace and defense and semiconductor markets with world-class platforms, software and consistent measurement science. The company's nearly 10,500 employees serve customers in more than 100 countries.

Product: Keysight EMpro
Version: 2019
Supported Architectures: x64
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Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or 10
Size: 1.4 Gb