Hexinator v1.9 (x86/x64) | 148.4 MB
A full-featured hex editor that can analyze binary files, enabling you to view their hex code and generate XML grammar files that can remember the structure and decoding data.

Edit files of unlimited size
Insert, change or delete in files of infinite size
Powerful Tools
Compare files, compute checksums, decode numbers or display a histogram of binary files
Universal Parsing Engine
Create a grammar for your file formats and decode them automatically
Incremental Search
The advanced search lets you find text, numbers or masks
Scripting Engine
Automate routine work with Python scripts
Free Grammars
Many grammars for various file formats can be downloaded for free

There's this "productive laziness" that drives us to automate as much as possible. In order to avoid doing repeating tasks manually Hexinator allows to run Python or Lua scripts which
implement custom data types for grammars. E. g. for date/time values
extend the capabilities of grammars
modify files or the currently selected bytes
modify grammars
do any task that can be done with scripts

As a professional you need additional tools that help you drill into your data:
Incremental search delivers results while you type. Find text in any of numerous text encodings
Show all text strings in a file in a convenient list
The histogram panel shows you if a file is compressed or which bytes are most frequent
The checksum panel computes hash values for the current selection with life update
Find out which text encoding or code page is the right one for a certain byte sequence. The code page comparison panel can be an indispensable tool.

What's New in This Release:
Change: script elements are called even if structure size is parsed
Fix: Recursive execution of Python scripts

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