GT Motive Estimate - is an application designed to calculate the cost of repairs, maintenance and inspection of the car.

In one calculation can determine the cost of repair of the body, mechanical car groups and cost regular service inspections in accordance with the instructions. High accuracy due to the depth data (the number of parts in the area)
Qualitative graphical representation of the items and groups (individual display quality)
Modern data structure to allow a statistical evaluation of corrections
Transparency graphics, optimal zoning and mapping accuracy for real parts (the best visual identity details)
Short intervals car upgrades and price lists for replacement parts
The versatility of solutions (the ability to calculate the cost of the service inspections, repairs and mechanical damage to the body in the same program)
Extras. Information: Extensive coverage of makes and models: covers more than 95% of passenger and commercial vehicles.
Year / Release Date: 2019/10
Developer: GT Motive Einsa SAU
Language: Spanish
Medicine: cured
Note : Run on VMWARE