FileToFolder Server | 4.6 Mb

FileToFolder provides easy, one-click folder creation from a file and moving that file into its new folder.

Need to do the opposite and rapidly move multiple files out of their folders into the current folder? FileToFolder will do that too with a simple "right-click" call from the context menu, while tidying up behind itself and deleting any empty folders and sub-folders if required.
FileToFolder is at its most convenient when used from the context menu in Windows Explorer but it can be opened and used as a conventional application as well.
Create a Folder directly from your Context Menu
Extract Files from their Folders directly from your Context Menu
Need more power? FileToFolder is about simple, uncomplicated Folder creation from a File. A feature-rich, rules based solution is available from QuickMove.
Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10