Compass-3D 17.1.1 (x64) ENG

Compass-3D 17.1.1 (x64) ENG|3.64 GB
KOMPAS-3D is a three-dimensional design system that has become the standard for thousands of enterprises, due to a combination of ease of mastering and ease of operation with powerful functionality of solid and surface modeling. A key feature of the product is the use of the own mathematical core of C3D and parametric technologies developed by ASCON specialists.

The basic capabilities of the system include a functional that allows you to design a product of any complexity in 3D, and then draw up on this product a set of documentation necessary for its manufacture in accordance with the current standards (GOST, STP, etc.):

developed toolkit of three-dimensional solid, surface and parametric modeling;
functional for creating and working with executions for parts and assembly units, followed by automatic receipt of documentation (specification and drawings with views and performance tables);
account tolerance for all control sizes in sketches and construction operations;
mechanisms for working with large assemblies: layers, partial loading of components, special optimization methods that allow you to work with complex projects involving tens of thousands of subassemblies, parts and standard products, and working with layers in 3D;
functional modeling of parts from sheet material - commands for creating a sheet body, folds, holes, jalousie, beads, stampings and cutouts in the leaf body, closing corners, etc., and also performing the development of the resulting sheet body (forming an associative drawing sweep);
special features facilitating the construction of foundry molds - foundry slopes, lines of the connector, cavities in the shape of the part (including with the task of shrinkage);
tools for creating user parametric libraries of standard elements;
the possibility of obtaining design and technological documentation: the built-in system KOMPAS-Graph allows you to produce drawings, specifications, charts, tables, text documents;
built-in reports on the composition of the product, including user attributes;
the possibility of placing dimensions, designations and technical requirements in 3D models (support of GOST 2.052-2006 "ESKD. Electronic Product Model");
support for the Unicode standard;
means of integration with various CAD / CAM / CAE systems;
means of protection of user data, intellectual property and information constituting commercial and state secrets (implemented by a separate program module KOMPAS-Protection).

By default, KOMPAS-3D supports export / import of the most popular model formats, which allows integration with various CAD / CAM / CAE packages. The basic functionality of the product is easily expanded due to various applications, complementing the KOMPAS-3D functional with an effective tool for solving specialized engineering tasks. For example, applications for the design of pipelines, metal structures, various parts of machines allow most of the actions to be carried out automatically, reducing the overall development time of the project by several times. Modularity of the system allows the user to define the set of applications necessary for him, which provide only the required functionality.

"Compass-Shaft 3D" - design of shafts with elements of mechanical transmissions and gears;
"Compass-Spring" - a system for designing springs;
"Pipelines 3D" - pipeline design system;
"Cables and harnesses 3D" - 3D-modeling of electrical cables and harnesses and release of design documentation for them;
"Metalware 3D" - automation of standard works on the design of frames and frames of rolled metal;
"Compass-Electric" - design of electrical circuits;
"Standard Products: Fasteners" - includes fasteners 2D and 3D according to GOST, OST 92, ISO, DIN;
"3D molds";
"3D library of parts and knots of stamps";
"3D library of mold parts";
"APM FEM" - Strength analysis system for "Compass-3D";

The main innovations in Compass-3D 17:

The new graphic interface KOMPAS-3D is developed:
The instrument panels are combined into sets. Each set serves to perform a specific task. When working with different types of documents, sets are different. For example, the model has a set for solid modeling, for wireframe and surface modeling, for working with a sketch, etc. For convenience, some panels are included in several sets.
The current set is displayed in the Tool area, which is located at the top of the KOMPAS-3D window. To switch between sets, use the list of sets located on the left side of the Tool area. If necessary, any dial pad can be withdrawn from the Instrument area and attached to the border of the window or left floating.
A Quick Access Toolbar appears, containing commands for selecting a mode, managing an image, and more. Its composition depends on the context. By default, the Quick Access toolbar is located under the Tool area.
Teams with similar functionality are grouped together.
Rearranged Main menu: changed the names of some commands and menu items, as well as the set and composition of items.
The Properties panel and the Properties window are combined in the Parameters Panel. When you select an object on it, its properties are displayed and available for editing, and when creating the object, the elements that control the construction are displayed. These elements are grouped into sections.
In order to accelerate the construction, the principles of the work of the teams are changed:
Most commands are available, regardless of whether the document has conditions for their execution or objects of the desired type. In many cases, these conditions or objects can be created after the command is called.
If there are enough parameters in the operation to build an object (this is indicated by the presence of a phantom), it is created automatically when any command that is not part of this group is called. Thus, confirmation of the construction is not required.
When you call one of the grouped commands without completing it, you can go to any other command in this group by clicking the button on the Options bar. In this case, the parameters specified for the first command are retained, if their use is possible in the second command.
Most teams are fixated, i.e. do not end automatically after the application.
The building control elements have been improved:
If the cursor is set to a numeric input field, the rotation of the mouse wheel increases or decreases the value by 1, with the key pressed - on 10, - by 100.
In all processes that involve specifying objects, the Parameters pane contains registrars where lists of specified objects are displayed. You can delete objects from lists one by one or by groups.
Improvements related to the management of licenses for KOMPAS-3D modules or applications:
If a license is lost, a one-time automatic attempt is made to obtain it again. If it turns out to be unsuccessful, you will receive a message about the loss of the license. After troubleshooting, you should call the license recovery command. Restart KOMPAS-3D is no longer required.
The time during which you can save a document after losing a license is no longer limited.
The Configurator dialog is entered in which the COMPASS-3D and COMPASS-Specification modules, applications and libraries are connected and disconnected. In the dialog, you can search for applications by name and filter them by license, and save and apply a previously saved configuration. The command for opening the dialog is located in the Configuration menu.
Document tree has been improved:
The tree is now in all types of documents. The name of the root element of the Tree is the designation and / or name (according to the setting) of the document.
The tree acts as the Document Manager, and in the graphic documents - also the Insert Manager and the fragments. Therefore, the Tree displays icons showing the current values ​​of the properties of objects (for example, visible / hidden). Clicking on the icon changes the value to the opposite (if it's two values) or opens a list of values.
Double-clicking on the name of the object in the Tree starts editing this object. For example, in a graphical document in this way, you can go to edit the view parameters, and in the model to edit the operation.
Added search functions:
Search for a command is made by its name in a special field in the right part of the title of the KOMPAS-3D window. Selecting a command from the list of found ones launches it.
Implemented a search for objects by name in the Document Tree. Additionally, you can enable the filter, i.e. Specify the types of objects to look for.
Other improvements:
The interface of many teams has been redesigned to unify, simplify processes and reduce the number of necessary actions. In particular:
The controls on the Parameters panel are rearranged and renamed in comparison with the Properties panel,
Controls from the dialogs are moved to the Parameters panel,
the context menu has the appearance of a panel with buttons.
Confirm the creation of the object - a graphic, three-dimensional, object specification - now you can click the middle button or the mouse wheel.
Color mode indication: if this or that mode is switched on (sketch, editing of specification objects, assembly spacing, etc.), then the color of the document tab and the title of the Parameter panel changes. For example, the sketch mode is green.
If no changes are made to the open document, the Save command is not available.
After the command for searching objects is called, a window with a list of objects that appeared under the cursor is displayed on the screen. When you hover the cursor on a list row, the corresponding object is highlighted in the graphics area; Clicking on a line means selecting an object.
To transfer focus from one area of ​​the window to another, you no longer need to click the mouse in this area - just point the cursor at it. For example, rotating the mouse wheel changes the scale of the model's display if the cursor is over the graphics area, and scrolls through the Options bar if the cursor is over it.
You can get information about assigning a command by hovering over the button for calling this command and holding it for a while. A window with a description of the command appears on the screen, and if the command is not available, the reason for the unavailability is displayed.
It is optimized to check for changes in open documents or associated with them (it is done if control over file changes is included in the configuration). As a result, significantly reduced delays when working in KOMPAS-3D and when returning to the KOMPAS-3D window from the window of another application. Delays were particularly noticeable when working with documents located on network resources.
In the Additional codes section of the Codes and Names dialog, the ID-Certification sheet code has been added.
Comment. If the document must have two codes, for example, SB-UD, then the separator and the second code must be entered manually.
Libraries have become universal, i.e. in them simultaneously COMPASS-fragments, COMPASS-models and KOMPAS-text documents can be stored. The extension of the kle library file is Kompas Library of Elements. These libraries can also include bitmaps and KOMPAS tables.
CRC32: 80F2F23E
MD5: 697A0170D0A46CD3EEC419DC3B3DD347
SHA-1: 7C5E98C1E10C1F16904B057A40738981CF8850C4

The name: Compass-3D 17.1.1 (x64) RUS
Type: installation [x64]
Language: Russian
Medicine: Included
Package contents:
Compass-3D v16
Mechanical configuration
Instrument configuration
Building configuration
OS: MS Windows 10; MS Windows 8.1 and higher; Windows 7 SP1 and higher.
Size: 3.64 GB

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