Civil 3D (.1) Addon for Autodesk AutoCAD 2020 RUS-ENG by m0nkrus

Civil 3D (.1) Addon for Autodesk AutoCAD 2020 RUS-ENG by m0nkrus | 3.22GB

Many users of "vertical" AutoCAD products have noticed that recently, any AutoCAD product with advanced functionality consists, in fact, of AutoCAD as the basis and add-on for Mechanical, Electrical, Architecture, etc. Alas, developers, as before, have only full-size distributions .

That is, if you want to get Mechanical and Architecture, then you are forced to download two huge packages, most of the contents of which duplicate each other. In this regard, I decided to start releasing distributions of a new type containing only an add-in. Now, to install all the same Mechanical and Architecture, you will need to download the basic AutoCAD and two small add-ons. Download less, store more compactly - this is the main idea of assemblies of this format!

Designing infrastructure facilities
Complete design tasks faster and streamline time-consuming tasks. Drafting and issuing documentation Combine design and publishing tasks to increase productivity and design quality. Visualization and analysis Use the visualization, modeling and analysis tools for storm drains integrated in the design process to optimize project implementation and decision making. Collaboration Collaboration functions will help you coordinate the work of project team members and solve problems associated with work processes within the framework of infrastructure projects. Profiles

Work with offset profiles that are even more accurate by supporting vertical curves. Structural elements More than 60 additional structural elements have appeared in the software package that expand the possibilities of creating corridors. Sections Additional visual property management tools allow you to create reliable 3D models of solid objects. Pressure pipelines Use new fittings and flow control devices to ensure your project meets all necessary standards.

Build Features
The assembly is based on the original Russian and English distributions integrated into a single package, from which everything that is not directly related to the installation of the Civil 3D add- in is removed .
The installation package integrates Russia Country Kit for Autodesk Civil 3D 2020 .
The installation package integrates Civil 3D 2020.1 Update .
The assembly is relieved of some problems that arise when, when connecting an image via a virtual drive, the installer sometimes required a different drive.
Everything necessary for treatment, including detailed instructions, is located inside the image in the Crack folder.

Treatment procedure
Install Civil 3D Addon for Autodesk AutoCAD 2020.
WARNING! This is just an add-on. For it to work, AutoCAD 2020 must be installed on the computer. Moreover, the language of the source program and the add-in must not be different.
Copy keygen from the Crack folder to your hard drive. If you do not, it will not work correctly.
Run the program. A window will open asking you to select a license type. At the bottom of the window there will be a line with an additional activation offer using the serial number. Choose this option. In the new window, accept the privacy statement. In the licensing window that opens, click "Activate". In the next window, use 111-11111111 as the serial number and 237L1 as the product code, then click "Next".
In the window that opens, you will be notified that your serial number is invalid. Click "Back" and confirm the cancellation of the operation. The licensing window will reopen, where again you will need to click "Activate". In the next window, use 111-11111111 , 222-22222222 or 333-33333333 as the serial number and 237L1 as the product code, and click Next. In the window that opens, select "I have an activation code from Autodesk."
As administrator, run keygen on the hard drive (right-click on the file and select "Run as administrator" in the drop-down menu) and click the Patch button in the keygen window. A window should appear with the message "Successfully patched".
In the Keygen Request field, copy the Request Code from the Autodesk licensing window, replacing it with the inscription "Paste Request here". After that, click the Generate button and transfer the result from the Keygen Activation field to the Activation Code field of the Autodesk licensing window. Click the "Next" button. You should see a message about the successful activation of the product.
ATTENTION! The generated Activation Code is slightly longer than the keygen field allocated for it. Try not to lose some of the characters when copying. But also, I want to note that this code is shorter than the space allocated for it in the Autodesk licensing window. The sixteenth field is left blank, and the fifteenth contains only one symbol - the letter of the Z . This does not prevent activation.
Enjoy the registered version of the product!