Arturia SEM-Filter

Arturia SEM-Filter
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Combining simplicity with pure tone-shaping power, SEM-Filter is a futuristic twist on a classic synth filter. Renowned for its pioneering technology in the 70s, we paid tribute not only to its sound but also the SEM's reputation as a trailblazer. Using the meticulous modelling techniques, and by adding exciting new features, we have created a true modern classic audio filter.

No longer confined to a synthesizer, you can now use the era-defining filter tone of Tom Oberheim's cult synth module on any audio source you wish. Process acoustic instruments in your DAW, shape vocals, perform sweeps on your whole mix, create builds, rises, and drops, even use it to improve a soft-synths stock filter.

Main Features:
Virtual recreation of the classic 12dB/oct state variable SEM filter:
Mode, cutoff frequency and resonance controls
Dry/Wet setting
Filter output volume setting
Additionnal noise oscillator for feeding the filter with rich spectral content
Soft clipping circuit modeling
Attack / Hold / Decay envelope
Low Frequency oscillator
5 waveforms + Sample and Hold mode
Can be synchronized with DAW's clock
Smooth parameter
Gate sequencer
Program trigs / retrigs for the envelope and LFO to create rythmic content
Up to 16 steps
Can be synchronized with DAW's clock
Modulation matrix
Envelope and LFO as sources
8 destinations for extended sonic possibilities
40 presets from top sound designers
State-of-the-art TAE® analog modeling

What's new:
official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.


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