Arturia Pigments v1.1.1 MacOSX | 157 Mb

An immensely powerful wavetable and virtual analog software synthesizer, 20 years in the making. This is Pigments, and it's going to change the way you make music. Taking that spark of imagination and transforming it into sound is the most fundamental, exhilarating part of creating music.

Pigments makes that process natural, intuitive, and colorful. Pigments gives you the finest elements ever found in a software instrument, letting you create pioneering, exciting, and deeply personal sounds. Laying everything out before you, Pigments lets you fully express your creativity in a way that's never been seen before in a software instrument.
Two engines in parallel: the best of both worlds
Virtual Analog triple oscillator engine.
Complex Wavetable engine with morphing and import.
Twin filters: dozens to choose from
Classic filters from V Collection instruments.
Modern filters like surgeon and comb.
Continuous series/parallel routing.
Powerful effects section: an all-in-one solution
13 stunning effects, including wavefolder, overdrive, parametric EQ, and delay.
Insert or Send routing options with drag and drop for easy switching.
All the essential parameters can be modulated.
Advanced modulation system: modulate anything with anything
Graphical editing, source-based or destination-based.
Envelopes, LFOs, Function generators, Random sources.
4 assignable Macros to control multiple parameters at once.
Visual interface: understand your sound
Graphical representation of the most important modules.
Living, moving waveform to see your sound come alive.
Polyrhythmic Sequencer and Arpeggiator: get creative
Create complex, custom and evolving sequences or arps.
Extensive factory preset library: learn from the masters
Hundreds of presets from awesome artists and experienced sound designers, including Jeremy Savage, Starcadian, Cubic Spline, Mord Fustang, and Jörg Hüttner.
Highlighted "notes" to show which parameters are recommended to tweak.