ArchiCAD 20 Build 5011 (Rus / Eng)

ArchiCAD 20 Build 5011 (Rus / Eng)|1.52 GB, 1.45 GB, 622.25 MB
ArchiCAD 20 - will provide the benefits of architectural design in 3D space, and you will enjoy the incredible freedom of work. Based on the deep knowledge of the architectural process, the Information Model of the ArchiCAD building completely imitates the construction of real buildings. At the decision of any problems: from city planning and to the worked out details; from functional studies to complex designs - ArchiCAD's specialized tools are always available and easy to use, providing you with complete creative freedom.

In ArchiCAD, you create in the Information 3D Model of the Building, on the basis of which all necessary documents and images are automatically generated. The project takes on life and develops on the screen at the same time as the work of your thought, allowing you to focus on your creativity. Information modeling of the building is the most natural and intuitive approach to design, and thanks to the understandability of 3D-presentation of projects, customers will be impressed by your creativity.

ArchiCAD significantly changes the capabilities of the average user, allowing you to use third-party BIM components in your projects. In conjunction with the "cloud" database of this new modeling capabilities in ArchiCAD allow architects to create, search, download and download new BIM-components for use in their projects. Fully integrated into the ArchiCAD web portal is a single center for sharing BIM-components between users. also provides a centralized location for all GDL objects, making them available to all ArchiCAD users when they need it. In the construction industry, everything is constantly changing: every day there are new materials, designs, ideas and technologies. We can say that the building components are one of the most actively developing areas in the construction BIM industry. The GDL technology used in ArchiCAD is a powerful professional tool for creating highly intelligent parametric elements. However, not all users are ready to create their own GDL-objects. They are addressed to the fundamental changes that have occurred in ArchiCAD! Now any user can not only model his object in volume, but also put the created BIM-component in a single cloud database of objects. For newly added objects a unique description is introduced, whereby other users by means of keywords can instantly find not only this object, but dozens of similar ones. Then it remains only to select the elements necessary for your BIM project and load them with a single click of the mouse. It is unique that all the described operations are carried out within the framework of ArchiCAD - the program provides a full set of tools for creating, searching, loading and unloading objects directly from the Objects dialog! In addition, all posted BIM-objects can be found on the specialized web portal, which provides the necessary tools for self-organization of the ArchiCAD user community: comments, object ratings, updates, etc. Thus, the new technology of loading / unloading BIM components and a new site is a unique centralized resource for the exchange of GDL objects!

All modern buildings and projects should be environmentally friendly and energy efficient - this is our contribution to the future of the planet. We believe that the main decisions on the eco-and energy efficiency of the building should be taken by the architects at the initial stages of the project, not by the engineers, when any changes are much more difficult to make. In its programs, GRAPHISOFT continues to develop a "green" direction and implement environmental analysis tools in the BIM-design environment. The new functionality for analyzing energy efficiency built into ArchiCAD (for example, analyzing the geometry of a building model via zone boundaries, weather analysis, etc.) is similar to the previously supplied stand-alone EcoDesigner software product, but is now based on a completely new technology that allows analysis models in dynamic mode, using BIM-geometry, hourly weather information and data on the location of the building.

Energy analysis:
- Preparation of a building model for analysis
- General modeling rules
- Working with zones
- Energy model overview
- Displaying the list of constructions
- Displaying a list of openings
- Visualization of the building energy model
- Setting display colors
- Calculator of U-parameters
- Adjustment of thermal parameters
- Catalog of materials
- Working with layered structures and U-parameters
- Reassignment of the U-parameter
- Identification of leaks
- Definition of surfaces
- Adjustment of glass and frame structures
- Setting the shadow and shading objects
- Setting the environment: location and climate
- Environment setting: level, ground and environment
- Working with profiles
- Work with the structure of the building
- Adjustment of the energy source and the price of energy
- Work with the green energy of the building
System requirements:
- Operating system: Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 (64-bit)
- Processor: 64-bit processor with 4 or more cores
- Memory: 16 GB or more may be required to work with large and complex models.
- Hard disk: it is recommended to install ARCHICAD on an SSD (or Fusion) disk. To fully install ARCHICAD, you need 5 GB of free disk space. Additionally, 10 GB or more of disk space is required for each project
- We recommend the use of video cards that support the OpenGL 2.0 mode with a video memory capacity of 1024 MB or more.
- Monitor: we recommend using a monitor that supports a resolution of 1440x900 or higher

Title: ArchiCAD 20 Build 5011 (Rus / Eng)
Year of manufacture: 2017
Platform / OS: Windows 7/8 / 8.1 (64-bit)
Activation | reg code: yes
Interface Language: Russian / English
File format: rar
Size: 1.52 GB, 1.45 GB, 622.25 MB

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