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Advanced Cookie Manager is a Windows secure cleaning application that helps you remove Internet Explorer cookies permanently from your system so they cannot be restored using dedicated recovery programs.

Clean layout

It's easy to work with Advanced Cookie Manager because the GUI looks straightforward. Plus, you do not need to perform any special tweaks in order to identify cookies stored in your computer because the tool automatically detects and displays them in the main window.

Advanced Cookie Manager offers detailed information about each cookie, such as domain name, filename, creation and expiration date, lifetime, and status to find out if it's secure or not.

Cleaning tasks

You are given the freedom to shred all cookies or only the selected ones. You may also export the list with cookies directly to Notepad and print the information.

Other important settings worth being mentioned enable you to refresh the list with cookies, back up cookie data to a file on your system so you can restore the information, and perform searches.

The cookie deletion process does not take too much time but this pretty much depends on the number of files that you want to remove and type of secure algorithm that you select.

General tweaks

Advanced Cookie Manager gives you the possibility to specify the cookie folder, pick an output directory where backups are stored, and ask for confirmation before shredding cookies.

A set of special settings are dedicated to the secure deletion tasks. You may choose between three wiping algorithms, namely cryptographically strong random number generator, Gutmann or DoD 5220.22-M. Plus, the app lets you damage file date and name before deletion, overwrite disk sector cluster tails, and specify the number of passes to overwrite data.


The bottom line is that Advanced Cookie Manager comes with handy tools for helping you view, back up and shred cookies. On the downside, you cannot create exclusion lists and get rid of cookies from other web browsers, like Chrome, Opera and Firefox.

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