Product Name:One Side Recessed Grinding Wheel
Product Description:
The one side recessed grinding wheel is a specialized type of grinding wheel that is designed for specific material removal applications. This grinding wheel has a recessed profile on one side that allows for the removal of material more efficiently and accurately. The wheel is commonly used in tool and die grinding, as well as in precision grinding applications.
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Company Description
Shandong Renwa Abrasive Teh. Co.,ltd.
Address:ShandongShandongZiboXinhuanA709, Zibo New Material Trading Center, East Xinhuan Road,Zhangdian, Zibo, Shandong, China
Descption:Renwa Abrasive is one of reliable supplier and manufacturer of abrasives and related industry in China, we focus to provide stable quality abrasives at competitive price for those regular consumed items, we are new registered company in this fields , but we have almost 20 years experience in the area, we become very potential and competitive company in nowadays , our production include all kinds of abrasives material and tools, Brown fused aluminium oxide , White Fused Aluminium Oxide and Pink fused alumina, Black and green silicon carbide, Boron carbide ..., Vitrified and resinoid grinding wheels, grinding and cutting discs for numerous industries and applications.
Registered Capital:300
Shandong Renwa Abrasive Teh. Co.,ltd.
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