Product Name:Hydraulic Emulsifying Mixer With Bottom Homogenizer
Product Description:
Hydraulic Emulsifying Mixer With Bottom HomogenizerProduction DescriptionLift-type machine with the hydraulic emulsifying with bottom homogenizer is designed especially by Aerospace in order to suit for cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries which often produce small batches of different varieties products. and its best feature is that: homogenizer is installed below to?increase power which is very effective to high viscosity material.This machine can pour material obliquely and ensure pouring material furthest and reduce waste and suitable to products with big production capacity as with triple blending style and reversible design of the combination between high speed emulsification head and low speed blade.ParameterModelYHX-100YHX-150YHX-300YHX-500Volume100 L150 L300L500 LVacuum pressure-0.09 M pa-0.09 M pa-0.09 M pa-0.09 M paTemperature≤120 ℃≤120 ℃≤120 ℃≤120 ℃Pressure of Jacketnormal pressuresSpeed of Scraping Plate Blender0-86 r/min0-86 r/min0-86 r/min0-86 r/minSpeed of Homogenizer0-3500r/min0-3500 r/min0-3500 r/min0-3500 r/minVoltage50Hz380V±10%-15%50Hz380V±10%-15%50Hz380V±10%-15%50Hz380V±10%-15%Volume of water pot80 L120 L240 L400 LVolume of oil pot50 L75 L150 L250 LFeature1.The machine can lift automatically, thoroughly clean the tank.2.Stirring paddle is suitable to every kind of complicated recipe and achieve optimizing effect, and scraping board of teflon material cater to body of blending groove and scrape out viscosity material on boiler wall3. Homogenizer is installed on boiler bottom to increase motor power more thoroughly and strongly. During little production, it can exert homogenizing effect fully.4. All parts of hydraulic Emulsifying mixer with bottom homogenizer of main tank which contacted with material adopt exported material of USU 316 stainless steelAdvantage1. Realize liquid high-capability cut, rubbing, centrifugal to make sure exquisite and slick cream. And boiler body and pipe surface has 300EMSH polishing mirror (sanitation grade) according to Daily Chemical and GMP standard.2. Customer can choose configuration of the machine what they want and its highest rotate speed can reach on 3500 r/min.3.We had been many exhibition all over the world. We always have a great time with customer and have a great opportunity to clear local situation. So we have sorted out more useful information since 2000 and we enrich experience in foreign trade business.?Applied sceneThis hydraulic emulsifying mixer with bottom homogenizer is applied for producing plentiful high viscosity products like cosmetics and ointment. The material will be very milky and glossy via a high shear by bottom homogenizer with 3500rpm.? ??PackagingCertificationOur company supply complete machines and production lines for cosmetics, daily-use commodities, medicine and food industry, which all suit for GMP standard, and the hydraulic emulsifying mixer with bottom homogenizer meet UV and CE standard.FAQ1. Q: Are you factory or trading company?A: We are the professional manufacture of cosmetic machinery in China for 17 years.2. Q: Where is your location?A: Company and Showroom located in Guangzhou China, Factory located in Jiangsu Province3. Q: Are your engineers be able to serve in oversea?A: Yes, we have a lot of experience install the machine in overseawhich will show you how to avoid some labor operation problem or overusing and how to change the spare parts, is very easy to operate.4. Q: What can you do for us if the machine break down while we are using it?A: We already have enough experience on this industry, our technology is very mature. Normally, the spare parts need be changed with some labor operation problem or overusing .Once you make the order from us, we will offer the detailed manual operation and the videos And before machine shipping out, every machine need pass all the testing and checking process and tech recording. We would prefer our customers come to test our machines together, we will arrange our engineer to train you, we would show how to avoid and solution to some possible little problem happening with wrong operation. If these problems happen while you are using it, you can solve by yourself, which will not delay your production time.Once some techs could not solved by yourself, oversea engineer would be sending to your country for assisting you on work with your permission.?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
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Guangzhou Aerospace Automation&Technology Machinery Co.Ltd
Address:GuangdongGuangdongGuangzhouBaiyunNO.358,He Long Wu Road,Renhe Town ,Baiyun District , Guangzhou ,China.
Descption:High shearing vacuum emulsifying homogenizer, the excellent emulsifying performance, make it the ideal equipment for the production of viscous emulsions and suspensions in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.
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Guangzhou Aerospace Automation&Technology Machinery Co.Ltd
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