Product Name:Laboratory Ultrasonic Mixer
Product Description:
The EQ series Laboratory Ultrasonic Mixer is an ultrasonic product designed to be matched with extraction equipment. Ultrasonic extractor mainly consists of ultrasonic generator, transducer and horn. Ultrasonic core accessories are composed of intelligent automatic frequency tracking ultrasonic generator, high Q value and high power transducer, and titanium alloy tool head. Ultrasonic extractor has good performance in extraction, homogenization, stirring, emulsification, etc. The system has automatic frequency tracking, adjustable power, adjustable amplitude, abnormal protection and other functions. Equipped with RS485 communication, various parameters can be changed and observed through HMI.
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Company Description
Shenzhen Jiayuanda Technology Co., Ltd
Address:GuangdongGuangdongShenzhenLonghua5 F, E building, Yujianfeng industrial area, No. 289 Huafan road, Dalang, Longhua district, Shenzhen, China
Descption:Shenzhen Jiayuanda Technology Co., Ltd is a leading national high-tech enterprise specialized in the ultrasonic technology research and development. The main products include ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic horn, ultrasonic cutter and other ultrasonic core accessories. Our products mainly applied in ultrasonic cleaning equipment, ultrasonic welding equipment, ultrasonic cutting equipment and other customized ultrasonic application.All of our products are CE/FCC/ROHS certificated.
Registered Capital:300
Shenzhen Jiayuanda Technology Co., Ltd
Company Website:[Misafirler Kayıt Olmadan Link Göremezler Lütfen Kayıt İçin Tıklayın ! ]