Product Name:Ultrasonic Separator Screen System
Product Description:
Ultrasonic separator screen system is a simple, practical and reliable screening system, which is the most effective solution to mesh blockage at present. It can be widely used in pharmaceutical, metallurgical, chemical, mineral processing, food and other industries requiring fine screening and filtration. It has the characteristics of high screening and filtration accuracy and non blocking mesh. It truly solves the screening problems such as agglomeration, static electricity, strong adsorption and blocking mesh. It is a major technological breakthrough in the domestic screening industry.

Features and advantages
1. Efficient screening ability: Ultrasonic vibrating screens can quickly separate small particles, improve screening efficiency, and save production time.
2. Accurate separation: Through the small vibration of ultrasound, materials can be accurately separated according to particle size, improving product quality and consistency.
3. Elimination of blockage and adhesion: Ultrasonic vibration can effectively eliminate blockage on the screen and adhesion between particles, keep the screen unobstructed, and improve continuous operation time.
4. Multifunctional application: Suitable for screening various granular materials, such as ores, chemical raw materials, food, pharmaceuticals, etc., with a wide range of application fields.
5. Environmental protection and energy conservation: The ultrasonic vibrating screen adopts advanced technology, which can reduce energy consumption and waste generation, meeting environmental requirements.
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Shenzhen Jiayuanda Technology Co., Ltd
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Shenzhen Jiayuanda Technology Co., Ltd
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