Working with Dates and Times in Python
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Almost every application works with date and time, yet time is complicated, counter-intuitive, and is often a source of bugs. This course will teach you to effectively handle date and time using Python.

Date and time is so much more than a data type. Almost every application works with dates or time in some way. It's safe to say that every sufficiently large application contains bugs related to incorrect handling of date and time. In this course, Working with Dates and Times in Python, you'll learn how to deal with date and time in your Python programs. First, you'll discover hardware clocks and key Python modules that work with time, dates, and calendars. Next, you'll explore the real world of time zones, daylight saving time, calendars, and locales. Finally, you'll learn how to deal with recurring time stamps, how to properly store date and time in a database, how to configure Django for proper handling of time zones, and more. When you're finished with this course, you'll have a solid understanding of how date and time should be handled in Python that will greatly increase your value as a developer.