Web Development with Elm
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Elm is one of the leading languages responsible for increasing the adoption of Functional programming in frontend web development. Thanks to Evan Czaplicki and the Elm Community, we have at our disposal an incredibly user-friendly and easily accessible programming language that compiles to JavaScript and runs in the browser.

It is a game-changer for web developers who are keen on getting their hands dirty with functional programming.
As a strongly typed language with Type Inference, Elm guarantees error-free runtime and excellent performance. The thoughtfully designed pattern for state management called the Elm Architecture has served as an inspiration for numerous JavaScript libraries such as Redux and many others. Empower yourself with the ability to utilize all the essential aspects of Elm for developing real-world applications.
The course is a practical application of a functional programming language. We will be looking into persistent data types and data structures. You will get an introduction to the concept of side-effects and state management.
Together we will build a web application, exemplifying all the core principles of web application development with a purely functional language. Apart from Elm, you will be able to apply those principles in other programming languages for your practical needs.
Strongly typed language with Type inference guarantees error-free runtime and excellent performance. Elm Architecture is the key inspiration for numerous JavaScript frameworks and libraries. Empower yourself with the ability to utilize all the important aspects of Elm for developing real world applications.
We will be covering topics such as Functional programming, Persistent data structures, data modeling and performant HTML rendering. The course will introduce you to the concepts of Type inference, Side effects, and Lazy computations in practical examples. You will be able to build your interactive applications with the help of Type Inference and Time traveling debugger.
Together we will build a real world application, exemplifying all core principles of application development in a purely functional programming language. You will be able to apply those principles in any other functional programming language for your practical needs.