Understand Social Media and You Can Dominate It
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There is power in using social media platforms to market Your business in writing and producing this course I tried to look at the whole process in a different direction

. Let me explain:

There is power in using social media platforms to market Your business
a lot has been and will be written and discussed about social media and how to better use the opportunities it offers to benefit Your business.
The writing of this course I tried to look at the whole process in a different direction. Let me explain:
in the first module you will learn the basics of social media, why it works and how and why this will work for Your business.
You will learn in the module on social media platforms, how to best use facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, and pinterest, snapchat, Google+ and YouTube customize your message to fit each social group interests.
As I laid out this course in scheme, it became clear that to get the most out of these 8 platforms, some other marketing elements come into play.
The blog is an integral part of social media, so I have included a module on blogs; how to create a good blog site, how to appeal to your target audience, and I'll even teach you how to monetize your blog if this is your intention, and I give you more information about how to make money from blogs on my downloaded material.
To write good content for your blog requires and understanding of the contents of the letter, I turned the module on and
.In blogs and social media sites, you will get a more loyal following when you help them to get an idea about Your company and what it is all about, not just pitching the product. It's called branding and I have included a full module on how the company's brand and
.The greatest benefit that social media gives to a marketer is the ability to segment the market, so your efforts and money will not be spent talking to the wrong audience.
In order to better understand who your target audience requires to spend time developing an avatar or persona that best represents your ideal client. In the module on the avatar, you will learn through video and download How to create an avatar and how to communicate with him or her, or both.
We find that in the 21st century when it comes to marketing, content is king and the preferred method for customers to learn about Your company and your product, in other words your content through images and videos.
In this course, you will find a huge number of downloads, which includes a book to use as reference for most modules. Included in download is a benefit. I often refer to a list of links, etc. in each module. I've collected these various links and other references to books tool for your ready reference.
After completing this course You will have a deeper understanding of how social media works for business and how to use it to grow your business, plus the added bonus understanding of branding, content writing and blogs. All the plots you should be familiar with in order to thrive in the 21st century.