Time Travel Physics for Beginners - Understanding the Possibilities of Time Travel
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*Approved by national science authorities*
Is time travel possible or just science fiction?
The concept of time travel, both forwards and backwards, has created an endless source of excitement and curiosity. In the realm of physics, it has been generally considered an impossibility, nevertheless, theories put forward by Einstein and further pursued by scientists such as Stephen Hawking and Kip Thorne indicate that such a phenomenon could indeed occur.
As many of us have less and less time to contemplate physics, Lisa Visintainer brings the universe down to a language we can all understand while plunging into the exotic realms of time, wormholes, blackholes, antimatter, "arro of time" and showing us the possibilities of*real time travel physics.
She offers a straightforward guide into this admittedly difficult topic, which tries to understand time and its possibilities for time travel. Unlike other publications that shy away from the entirety of relativity and similar topics, Time Travel Physics for Beginners embraces the complete unfamiliarity of most of the theories and logic associated with the topic. Lisa Visintainer provides crystal-clear explanations of, among other things, the principles of time travel, time machines (that are noncomparable with the common fiction ones), and its related paradoxes.*
Time Travel Physics for Beginners, a book approved by Austrian national science authorities, is considered to be one of the very few books offering plausible answers to big questions and is an excellent read for cosmos-interested people, which millions have been waiting for.

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