Start a drone business - Aerial Photography and Mapping
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​This course is a guide for beginners to start a professional drone business from the scratch and with low budget.
The beginning of every business could be very confusing and you may have a lot of "how-to" questions in mind before taking any action.Things would get more messy when your business model is new in the market and there are not many companies, either successful or failed ones to learn from and apply their winning strategies for our business, which is in our case: drone business!
What You'll Learn
The purpose of this course is twofold . On one hand, you learn all the necessary details to prepare and begin your business with low budget and risk. on the other hand, you learn the fundamentals of using drones with related professional aerial mapping software, which is hassle-free to master and is best fit for your budget.
Throughout the course we make a real case scenario of a drone business including real costs and rates. Moreover we scan through the the existing drone businesses to learn from the real cases and apply the best strategy for our business. So, after all you would be able to answer all the questions in below and more.
1. What do I need to know when planning a drone business?
2. What type of drone services should I provide to customers?
3. What are the strategies to expand my drone business and grow faster?
4. How much should I bill customers?
5. How to do budgeting and future cost-revenue estimation?
6. How to estimate the demand in my local business area?
7. What are the most effective ways to approach customers?
8. How do I advertise my business and to find the right target market for my services?
9. How to build a professional website and online community for business?
10. What type of drones do I need and how to learn flying from the beginning?
11. How to do aerial mapping and analyse data for my customers?
What You'll NOT Learn
In this course, you won't be learning the easy stuff and time wasting details,e.g. how to use sticks on my radio to fly a drone? or how to charge the battery? and these type of skills that can be found all over the web for free. However, I will show you all the guides and resources to refer to later on.