SQL Server Master Data Services for Master Data Manag
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MDM, SQL Server, Data Modeling, Data Integration, Data Quality, Data Management, Business Intelligence, Data Architect

1) You get to learn a niche skill and ask questions directly to a Published Author, Microsoft MVP Alumni and a Senior Technology Architect with more than 14 years of experience who practices Business Intelligence, Data Analytics including Master Data Management for clients in real-world projects internationally.

2) After learning this course, you can add Master Data Services to your skills and attract recruiters to consider you for the job of a Data Modeler / Data Architect.

Course Description

SQL Server Master Data Services for Master Data Management is a comprehensive course on Master Data Management concepts as well implementation using Master Data Services. The course includes samples data models with sample data for practice exercises and demonstrations presented in the course.

Anyone interested in establishing himself / herself in a specialized niche area like MDM, should consider pursuing this course. This course is seen as a big advantage skills by Database Development / Database Administration / Business Intelligence Professionals.

The course covers the below mentioned aspects of Master Data Management and Master Data Services.

Master Data Management Concepts and Hub Architecture
Master Data Services Installation and Configuration
Concept development
Implementation of all MDM constructs
Enterprise Integration of Master Data Services with external systems
Data Publishing and Deployment
Best Practices.

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