SQL Fundamentals LiveLessons
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Database expert Arie Jones teaches you SQL the right way...hands-on, and step-by-step! These video lessons focus on exactly what you need to know to master new skills fast and put them to work immediately. Simply place the DVD video in your computer's DVD drive, and begin mastering SQL the easy way!

Watch and learn how to write queries using the world's #1 open source database, MySQL--and build skills you can use with any database, from Oracle to SQL Server! Learn to navigate MySQL's command line and Query Browser...get data out of databases with SELECT...sequence results with ORDER...filter data with WHERE...manage, aggregate, and group data...work with tables...manage security and access...even use advanced functions, views, and stored procedures!
For even more practical guidance, turn to Sams Teach Yourself SQL in 24 Hours, Fourth Edition, by Ryan Stephens, Ron Plew, and Arie Jones. With 24 easy, practical, hands-on lessons, it's the only SQL book you'll ever need!
Lesson 1: Introduction to the MySQL Interfaces
This segment covers the basics of getting around in the MySQL interfaces, especially the command line and also MySQL Query Browser. Other aspects of the interfaces will be discussed throughout the content.
Lesson 2: Getting Data out of the Database
This segment covers use of the SELECT and DISTINCT statements, how to order database results using the ORDER clause, and how to use the WHERE clause and subqueries to filter data.
Lesson 3: Managing Data in the Database
This segment shows viewers how to use the UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE statements as well as how to manage transactions.
Lesson 4: Aggregation and Grouping
This segments shows viewers how to use the COUNT/SUM/MIN/MAX functions and the GROUP BY clause, and how to filter results using the HAVING clause.
Lesson 5: Working with Multiple Tables
This segment introduces viewers to the concept of joins, and then discusses in detail the INNER, OUTER, UNION, INTERSECT, and MINUS joins.
Lesson 6: Working with Tables in the Database
This segment discusses CREATE, DROP, and ALTER TABLE statements, and shows the viewer how to place Indexes on tables for improved performance. It also shows viewers how to use keys and constraints to control data entered into tables and how to work with temporary table objects.
Lesson 7: Working with Security
This segment introduces viewers to handling database security, working with users, and assigning rights.
Lesson 8: Advanced SQL Programming
This advanced lesson focuses on the use of a variety of SQL functions, including String and Numbers, Date and Time, and Conversion functions. It also discusses VIEWS, STORED PROCEDURES, TRIGGERS, and CURSORS

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