Sketching and Rendering a Concept Illustration in Photoshop
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Throughout these lessons, we will learn how to refine a rough automotive concept design sketch into a polished illustration in Photoshop. Using basic tools in Photoshop, elements from photographs and textures and logos, we will create a compelling design that shows off awareness of form and acknowledges function. By the end of this tutorial you will be able to effectively introduce light, shadow, and reflections that will bring flat ideas to life. Software required: Photoshop CS6.

Introduction and Project Overview
Introduction and Project Overview

Sketching and Rendering a Concept Illustration in Photoshop
Refining Our Rough Concept Sketch
Adding Initial Photographic Elements
Utilizing Colors and Materials
Tidying up Our Color Splits and Layers
Defining More Areas with Color
Adding the Front Tire and Carbon Fiber
Conveying Form with Shadow
Adding Highlights to Our Image
Defining Edges and Features
Modifying Our Sketch Lines
Adding New Materials
Balancing Color Levels
Refining the Ground Shadow
Further Refining the Rear Wheel
Creating the Rear Tire
Adding Textures from Photo Reference
Creating Strong Shadows and Highlights
Painting in Light Textures
Adding Car Headlights from Photo Reference
Rendering the Carbon Fiber Parts
Finishing the Carbon Fiber Parts
Starting Work on the Paint
Working with Depth and Form
Painting in Highlights and Reflections
Adding the Racing Stand
Populating Our Bike with Graphics
Completing Our Graphics
Finalizing Our Illustration

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