RPA Analysis & Strategy: UiPath Blue Prism Automation
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Accelerate your career! The Business Analyst guide: Robotic Process Automation lifecycle

What you'll learn

Gain superior RPA knowledge for analyst/delivery manager interviews
Confidently presebt the benefits of RPA as well as debunk the myths
Understand how use the RPA identification & assessment (RIA) toolkit to analyse opportunities faster
Understand the structure and roles in a Centre of Excellence team and deep dive into the RPA analyst's role
Learn the best RPA and process optimisation tools and techniques to make massive savings
Learn about the features and differences between the top 3 RPA vendors
Gain access to the secret and exclusive RPA, Robotics and Ai marketplace Ramazon .co


No prior knowledge needed we will guide you from beginner to intermediate through to advanced


Robotic process automation is said to be the newest gold rush. If your company has started investing in robotic process automation technology this is great news. But if not, you're employer may already be a fair way behind many of your competitors - which means your company is dying.

If you're in a company that isn't very far down the RPA road, this most definitely presents an excellent opportunity to you!

We'll look at:

What is RPA and it's benefits

What are the Myths and Challenges

How to identify, assess and prioritise RPA opportunities

How to map and measure the process, and analyse the data to estimate ROI

Streamlining the process with Lean tools and techniques

The correct governance process and documents

Build an automation roadmap

Side-by-side comparison on the top vendors (UiPath, Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere)

The role of an RPA business analyst (including 2 case studies)

How to test the bot

How to use your RIA (RPA identification and assessment) data pack

After you've finished it will be time to update your CV and start using your RIA toolkit !

The goal of this course is to teach you how to set up an RPA team, identify and assess opportunities, implement bots and become a superstar in your company!

Alternatively when you complete this course, you'll have so much knowledge on RPA you'll blow everyone away (that's the interviewers and the other people interviewing for the position)

This is a place for all RPA and Ai bots. Use our courses to succeed at implementing RPA and Ai

Who this course is for:

Anyone looking to accelerate their career and become an RPA business analyst or a change manager in digital transformation and strategy

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